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About Us

About Us

You can count on the undivided attention of a team that prizes relationships over profits.

PCL Lawyers

Our Story

Our team have worked hard over the years to become trusted legal advisors to many clients and to refine the delivery of our legal services.

Our Service

We are committed to providing a quality legal service and the best possible advice to our clients. We strive for excellence in all that we do.

One of our goals is to become our clients’ trusted legal advisors and we appreciate that this respect and trust is earned over time by providing consistently outstanding legal representation.

You should expect your matter to be handled professionally and skilfully. Your lawyer should be not only knowledgeable but personable and understanding of your situation. We have a strong internal focus on our clients’ outcomes and maintaining a very high standard of work.

As a team we work together to ensure that our clients have the best possible legal representation and customer service.


We regularly represent individuals and offer a range of service that cater to an individual’s needs. Whether you are buying a home or have a complex estate, family or a building issue our lawyers will provide you with excellent service and expert legal knowledge.


Our team has a deep understanding of, and experience in, the full range of a business’s legal needs. From commercial, litigation and property law we can cater to any of your business needs, across the lifespan of a business. Our slogan – Concise Legal Advice. Commercial Understanding is no accident – we love business!


We act for other types of organisations such as clubs, schools and other education providers.

Why Choose PCL Lawyers
Our staff

We aim to attract the most talented lawyers and team members to PCL.

We believe that seeking to understand a client is an essential foundation of that relationship. As such, we seek lawyers who are more than just technically brilliant: they must be down to earth and approachable. This way, our clients can feel confident that their lawyer empathises with their circumstances. This client-centric approach has served us well over the years, and we believe it is one of the key reasons of our success.

Our clients want advisors that they can come to with any legal issue, big or small, and that we will always be ready to help them in any way we can.

We invest significantly into the development of our staff to help them achieve their goals and to become (and also remain) outstanding, modern lawyers. After all, we are here to serve. We love innovation and striving for excellence and high-quality work and great client service is a product of that approach in our experience.

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