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Advice on how to find a lawyer that is right for you.

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19 Dec 2020

Finding a Lawyer

Whatever your legal need is people look for a lawyer who can provide them with the best legal advice and one who understand how this impacts business and personal circumstances (as relevant). Here are some quick tips to finding a lawyer with all the commercial and personal skills needed to help you.

Assess your needs

Quite often it is difficult for clients to know exactly what they require. We often see clients where they believe their legal problem to be one issue when the issue or cause is entirely another legal issue altogether. An experienced lawyer will be able to ascertain what your issues are and be able to provide a variety of solutions not only to your immediate problem, but to assist and direct you with any other legal issues you may encounter in the future.

If you have a complex legal problem you should consider if the lawyer has the capability to assess your needs correctly. In addition to this they should possess other skills and knowledge beyond what you think you may need. This may mean that you are not just talking to one lawyer, but a dealing with a team that have different levels of expertise that can assist you best.

Experience Matters

One of the most common problems we see with clients picking the wrong lawyer, particularly with disputes, is that they choose a lawyer who does not have a deep enough understanding or experience in the area of law. Clients can sometimes see this as saving money, but the wrong legal advice will only eventually cost you money.

We often see clients who have been with previous lawyers who don’t have a depth of experience in handling disputes and litigation. This quite often delivers poor advice or worse mishandling of clients matters. There are certain areas where experience and knowledge is imperative and you should enquire if your lawyer is experienced in that area of law.

This is where a team or firm of lawyers can be quite beneficial as lawyers in the same firm can help you on different aspects of your matter or if the matter does change into a dispute or litigation.

The Individual Lawyer

Lawyers bring a range of skills to the table and they should have excellent knowledge about the law; great negotiation skills; understanding; practical knowledge and professional service. They should demonstrate value to you quickly and have a skill set beyond what your current requirements are.

If your matter is simple an experienced lawyer will be able to help you quickly and advise you on, not only that matter, but others that may arise down the track. You may think what you need is simple, but often sometimes your needs can be more complex.

Often for larger matters or businesses having a legal team to support them will help them and you. Having an experienced team especially in disputes and litigation matters helps as more people can be considering your case rather than just an individual lawyer.

They should be offering value to you and/or your business. Finding someone with all these skills can be easier said than done, but once you do the relationship can last for a lifetime.

The Team

In most matters you will be dealing with one individual lawyer at a time, however in the background there is a team that works very hard to bring everything together. A great team will help with your customer service experience and act as an insurance policy if your lawyer isn’t available for any reason.

Having an experienced team of lawyers ensures that you have many minds that are focussed on your matter at any stage and this depth of experience and problem-solving means that you quite often have double and triple the experience working on your matter when it counts.

Experience from administration staff through to the most experienced lawyer can have an enormously positive impact on your matter. Look out for a team that is focussed on providing quality legal advice.

Getting the best legal advice is not always a given. You should make sure that when you are engaging a lawyer they and their team can provide you with a quality service. You should be looking for a lawyer who will listen to you, deliver results and get the best outcome for you. Finding the best legal advisors shouldn’t be hard, but you do need to carefully consider who your advisors are and what their skill set is and that they can consistently deliver results.

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