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Commercial Construction Lawyers

Commercial Construction Lawyers

Construction Lawyers who understand the Building Industry

We provide legal advice to builders, subcontractors, developers, building professionals such as architects and engineers, and other suppliers to the building industry. With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, our team has the depth to competently deal with virtually any legal issue you might face.

commercial construction lawyers

Construction Contracts – Drafting and Review

Our construction contract lawyers can assist on all building, major projects and building law matters, including:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of construction contracts, including building, engineering and service contracts
  • Drafting terms of trade and both standard industry contracts and bespoke contracts
  • Advising on construction finance documentation, including all financier documents
  • Consultancy Contract drafting and review
  • Design and Construct contracts drafting and review
  • Supply and Install contracts drafting and review
  • Land Sale Contracts preparation for large and small subdivisions and commercial real estate
  • Commercial Leasing drafting, review and disputes, Australia-wide
  • Resolving security of payment claims;
  • Resolving building disputes;
  • Drafting standard form contracts and terms of trade;
  • Drafting joint venture agreements and development applications; and
  • Advising on procurement strategies, tendering, professional liability and risk management.
  • Licensing – builders, architects and other industry professionals

Construction contract negotiation is one of our fortes.

Well drafted construction contracts are clear and concise, which is how we draft our documents. The professional presentation and style are designed to both protect our client and make them look professional and organised.

Often, when asked to review contracts, we are presented with overly long, convoluted documents that are so incredibly one sided, they are entirely uncommercial and require substantial negotiation so as to manage the risk of our client.

The temptation can be to “sign it anyway”, just to secure the work. While we understand the commercial drivers in a competitive marketplace, we will always inform you of the potential risk of accepting certain clauses and, where possible or appropriate, seek to have them amended.

If you are presented with a contract from the other party, it is critical that it is reviewed by a lawyer. We have seen numerous cases where clients have come to us for the first time, having entered into a substantial commercial construction contract without addressing the fine print. In construction contracts of any type, the detail is always important.

Contracts from operators for large construction projects are usually extensive and the risks posed to a contractor or builder are huge. If an indemnity is drafted too broadly, a subjective assessment can result in enormous progress payments being withheld while the matter “gets sorted out”, which can have an effect that it strangles a business relying on that cashflow. Also, indemnities that don’t have sufficient time and amount limitations can be equally quite destructive. This is why our commercial building / construction clients come to us to assist in the negotiation of their contracts, or at the very least to review them and provide our detailed feedback so that further negotiations may ensue. Then you can weigh up the risk versus the reward of signing up to a construction contract on particular terms.

Commercial Construction Disputes

Our construction dispute lawyers deal with the full range of issues, including:

  • Construction defects, delays, contract interpretation, and cost overruns.
  • Defective Work Claims (Commercial and Domestic)
  • Breach of Contract
  • Security of Payment Act claims under the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 and other Debt Recovery Claims
  • Payment Schedule Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Builder Insolvency Issues
  • Advice Relating to Challenging Planning Permit Applications
  • Quantum Meruit Claims
  • Subcontractors’ charges
  • Payment Disputes of all types

Representing you in Building and Construction Proceedings in QCAT or Court

Building Licensing

We act for builders in licensing and disciplinary hearings and can negotiate with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on your behalf. We also act for industry professionals with respect to licensing matters.

We appreciate that this process can be challenging and you need to be sure you are in good hands with the view to achieving the optimum outcome.

Our Experience in the Construction Industry

Our legal and practical experience within, and around, the building and construction industry means that we have the perspective to take a holistic approach to any dispute. We understand that the goal is sometimes to preserve a commercial relationship, despite a serious dispute. We also appreciate that your industry reputation is of great importance. Therefore, we will listen to your objectives, provide you with the sound, practical legal advice that you need to assist getting a great outcome. We are highly experienced and cost effective.

If you need legal advice or representation, please contact our construction lawyers on 1300 794 559 to discuss your circumstances. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form on this page and we will respond swiftly.

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