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Selling a Business in Brisbane

Our business sale lawyers make selling your business stress free. We will protect your interests during the entire process with thorough consideration of the issues to ensure the documentation is done right and consistent with your interests as seller.

If your business sale transaction involves a lease, our dedicated leasing team will be there to manage any issues pertaining to the lease, as well as its transfer.

When selling a business, some of the things with which we can assist you are:

  • negotiation of the “deal” with the other party, to get the legal issues properly documented
  • drafting the Business Sale Contract
  • drafting a Heads of Agreement (which is preliminary to the Contract), if required
  • addressing the Restraint of Trade (non-compete) issue
  • ensuring that the intellectual property (such as trade marks, logos, manuals, business names and domain names) that pass to the buyer, are appropriately dealt with
  • arranging for the transfer (assignment) of the lease of the business premises
  • if vendor finance is being offered to the buyer, we will draft tight contractual terms to protect your interests as the seller
  • considering employee matters, including the transfer of employees, leave entitlements including standard leave and long service leave entitlements and formulas for adjusting those entitlements at settlement
  • arranging the transfers of licences and permits required to operate the business
  • documenting the process for the transfer of customer contracts and supply contracts that pass with the sale
  • ensuring that your liability in relation to your funding arrangements is discharged

There are different processes for different types of sales and different types of businesses.

business sale lawyers Brisbane

Sale of a Small Business

The Contract of Sale is not the only legal document that may be required. Other documents that may be relevant to your sale include:

  • Non-disclosure Agreement (to protect your confidential information)
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Sale of Shares Agreement

Our business sale lawyers have extensive experience in preparing the necessary documentation. It’s starts by asking the right questions. We see our role as making sure our business sale clients are adequately protected throughout the life-cycle of the transaction.

Sale of a Medium Sized or Larger Business

A more comprehensive approach may be required for larger businesses. There are likely to be complex issues at stake such as leasing arrangements, tax considerations, employee transfers and intellectual property rights. We can provide Non-disclosure Agreements and Heads of Agreement all while ensuring your interests are protected and that your sale transaction runs seamlessly.

Using our business sale lawyers for your sale will diminish the risk of a dispute with the buyer and provide you with peace of mind during what can be a stressful period. We add value to you through our extensive experience in these matters and our seasoned negotiation skills. We can also work alongside your accountants or financial advisors to make sure all considerations are addressed.

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