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Professional Shareholder Agreement Lawyers in Brisbane

Ensure your business’s future and get professional advice on your shareholder agreements from our lawyer’s in Brisbane. Tailor-made agreements designed to protect your business and avoid shareholder disputes.

Shareholder agreement lawyer Brisbane

Expert Shareholder Agreement Lawyers in Brisbane

We assist shareholders of a company and directors by providing drafting, reviewing and negotiating Shareholder Agreements.

Having a correctly tailored Shareholders Agreement is a necessity for a company when there is more than one shareholder.

Key Elements of a Shareholder Agreement

If you’re setting up a company with multiple shareholders in Queensland, you will undoubtedly require a shareholder’s agreement. The benefits of a properly drafted shareholder agreement is that it provides clarity around important matters and complies with the Corporations Act 2001. For example:

  • Who makes what decisions: The shareholder agreement will define voting rights and how decisions are made, whether it be majority rule, unanimous consent, or some other method. This prevents power imbalances and helps ensure that control over the company is distributed as intended. This clarification of roles and responsibilities of each shareholder reduces content conflict.
  • Conflict Resolution: Disputes between shareholders can potentially disrupt the business. A shareholder agreement typically includes dispute resolution mechanisms that can help resolve issues without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.
  • Transfer of Shares: The basis for transfer of shares can be addressed, for example a first right of first refusal. This can prevent unwanted third parties from becoming shareholders by providing a mechanism for sale of shares in the event that one shareholder wants to leave or dies. This prevents sudden changes that could have a destabilising effect on the business.
  • Dividend Policy: It sets out when and how dividends are distributed, giving shareholders clear expectations about their returns.
  • Preserving Confidentiality: A good shareholder agreement will comprehensively address confidentiality so that sensitive business information will remain protected.
  • Non-Compete: The agreement may include non-compete clauses that prevent shareholders from starting competing businesses, which could affect the market in which the company operates.
  • Dispute resolution procedures: If a dispute occurs, I tis helpful to go back to the shareholder agreement to follow the process for dealing with it. It will almost inevitably lead to faster resolution.
  • How profits will be distributed: It is usually beneficial to have a mechanism that sets out how and when profits will be distributed to the shareholders.

Each business is unique, and your Shareholders Agreement should be crafted to ensure it reflects the business. Our commercial lawyers will guide you through this legal process, ensuring that your agreement caters to the immediate needs of the business and encapsulates the future needs and considerations for the business to operate at it’s optimum.

Aside from shareholders agreements we can also investigate whether amending the company’s constitution may be a better option.

Choosing a Lawyer for Your Shareholders Agreement

Whether you are seeking a simple shareholders agreement or have a more complex structure we can provide you with the right legal guidance. Our commercial lawyers have extensive experience in drafting the full range of documents and agreements for almost any type of business.

Our lawyers can advise you quickly about the options you have available and ensure that the agreement you and your shareholders are entering is well drafted and provides clarity for all parties. It is important to ensure that you seek quality professional advice from lawyers who understand the commercial aspects of business.

We also have extensive experience in resolving shareholder disputes and understand the legal issues encountered by shareholders, directors and boards from all aspects. Sometimes, litigation is necessary fi the dispute cannot be resolved – and we have the experience to deal all types of disputes, including those there is improper shareholder / director conduct, or allegations of such.

Our Turnkey Shareholder Agreement Service

Our Brisbane shareholder agreement lawyers bring years of experience and significant practical, up to date working knowledge of the law in this space. So, whether you need a shareholder agreement drafted, legal advice as a shareholder, or if you have a dispute with other shareholders, we can help.

Shareholder agreements are important legal documents reflecting not only your shares in the company, but what rights and obligations shareholders have. It is important to understand the agreement and the operation of it.

To find out more about how we can help speak to a shareholders agreement lawyer on 1300 794 559.

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