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Debt Recovery in Brisbane

Our Firm’s Practice Areas in Debt Recovery Include:


Debt Recovery Lawyers in Brisbane

At PCL Lawyers, our highly effective debt recovery services in Brisbane and throughout Queensland, help you recoup the funds you are rightfully owed. We also help in any debt disputes and defend clients if a claim is made against them. The legal system is very effective typically when a considered strategy is implemented.

debt recovery brisbane

Defending debtors

If you are a debtor, we provide clear advice and can assist in any stage to help negotiate a payment arrangement, dispute a debt or lodge a counterclaim. Our debt recovery lawyers have extensive knowledge and capability to defend debtors in any jurisdiction across Australia.

Helping creditors get paid.

Unpaid or late paid invoices or payments can cause disruptions to your business, affect your cash flow and your ability to pay debts. This causes unnecessary additional work to pursue delinquent debtors.

Our debt recovery lawyers work on behalf of businesses, individuals, lenders and body corporates, and have an extensive and detailed knowledge of the law combined with a dogged, determined approach to ensure that you get paid.

The debt collection process

We are a law firm, not a debt collection agency. This means that our debt recovery lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to apply the full force of the law in Queensland and Australia-wide. We can quickly advise you on the most cost-effective steps to recover your debt, which includes:

  • Drafting and sending letters of demand: our debt recovery lawyers can draft letters of demand to your debtors which sets out the amount of the debt owed and the consequences of non-payment. This can often be enough to prompt your debtors to repay their debt without the need for any further action.
  • Negotiating payment plans: if your debtors are unable to repay their debt in full immediately, our debt recovery lawyers can negotiate a payment plan that is suitable for both parties at any stage in the debt recovery process.
  • Commencing legal proceedings: if your debtors are unwilling or unable to repay their debt, our debt recovery lawyers can commence legal proceedings on your behalf and are experienced in drafting all documents up to and including judgment and enforcement proceedings for your debt and for your legal costs.

Our debt recovery lawyers will manage the debt collection process from the beginning until the final settlement and our proven approach is designed to recover the unpaid money you are rightfully owed.

Enforcement Methods

There are various types of enforcement warrants once a court judgment is obtained in your favour. These include:

  • An enforcement hearing so that the person attends the court to disclose their full financial position, which can be helpful in getting an understanding what the debtor’s assets are.
  • An enforcement warrant will direct a financial institution or similar to direct payment to you on regular basis or alternatively, an enforcement warrant can direct the Sheriff to attend the premises of the debtor to seize assets.

There are many options available also, depending upon the circumstances. An experienced debt recovery lawyer will be able to recommend a course of action appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Company Wind Ups and Bankruptcy

Where appropriate, if it is a company that owes you money, and the company is insolvent, if it a company that owes you money, it is possible to take aggressive action to wind that company up. A Statutory Demand, which needs to be prepared by an experienced lawyer to its complexity, will be a test of a company’s solvency, that is whether it can meet is debts as and when they fall due.

Once a judgment is obtained, one of many enforcement options is to issue a Bankruptcy Notice against the creditor. Often, arrangements will be made to pay a debtor once served. If not, as the debtor you will have the option to continue to bankrupt the person.

Why we are different

Using a debt recovery lawyer will save you time and money in the long run. Our debt recovery lawyers ensure that your rights are protected throughout the debt collection process.

We take the issues out of debt disputes with creditors and debtors. It is often helpful, especially when you have pre-existing or complex ongoing commercial relationships. Our lawyers can advocate and negotiate for a resolution and allow you to focus on other aspects of the commercial relationship and your business.

Where you may negotiate payment terms or a settlement in complex debt collection matters, we can ensure that settlement deeds are well drafted. We consider the commercial terms in any settlement deeds carefully. As a firm at PCL Lawyers we ensure that our lawyers offer the expert legal advice that is sensitive to the commercial application and goals of our clients.

Our team has extensive experience in commercial litigation and debt collection and can assist you in making or defending a claim for outstanding debts. We represent clients in debt disputes across multiple jurisdictions, Australia-wide.

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To get clarity about debt collection contact our experienced debt recovery lawyers for assistance. Call us on 1300 794 559 for a confidential discussion or complete the contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

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Our Brisbane Lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice as well as practical solutions. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding client through their matter addressing commercial considerations and real-life situations and resolving issues quickly.

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Read Our Guide on Debt Recovery.

The guide is written by our debt collection and litigation lawyers and covers all aspects of debt recovery. We provide an overview for Brisbane individuals and business owners who might be needing to recover outstanding debts.

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