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Family Law

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Family Lawyers in Brisbane CBD

Experienced Family Law Solutions for Unique Challenges

No two families are the same, and advice from your family lawyer shouldn’t be either. At PCL Lawyers, we tailor our advice to each unique situation, because in our experience, cookie-cutter solutions just won’t cut it. Our seasoned family lawyers understand that you may feel uncertain about your rights and position when dealing with matters such as separation, divorce, or child custody disputes.

From the start, we’ll assess your situation, advise you about what is possible, and guide you towards the best possible outcome. Family law is complex, and separation is usually an emotionally challenging time, but it also offers ways for parties to reach agreements through mediation. Our experts excel at facilitating these agreements as swiftly as possible.

Whether you need initial advice or help with complex property settlements or child-related disputes, our team is here to support you.

When should I speak to a family lawyer?

Whether you are just exploring your options or need to take urgent steps, our family lawyers provide reliable and sound legal advice so you can make an educated decision. Every family law matter is unique and requires a personalised approach. As such it is easy to be misinformed or overwhelmed with a variety of online resources and well-meaning opinions from friends and family. It can save time and uncertainty to speak to a family lawyer earlier rather than later.

Our family lawyers understand the legal avenues and recourse available to clients in all aspects of their family law matters. We can cut through the noise and assess your circumstances, offering clear and expert guidance quickly. We provide accurate information on the potential timeframes and costs associated with your matter.

We listen to our clients and seek to understand their situation so they can make the most informed decision about these important issues. Where urgent action is required our team of family lawyers are capable and experienced in seeking urgent family court orders or injunctions.

Our family lawyers can assist whether you require legal advice on divorce, de facto relationships, binding financial agreements (BFAs or prenups) property settlement, parenting plans, child custody or parenting arrangements, AVOs, grandparents and significant others’ rights, child and spousal maintenance, family law courts and more. To get clarity on your matter we invite you to call and speak to one of our family lawyers today.

First, We Strive for Resolution

Our first line of action is always to seek amicable resolutions through settlement discussions and alternative dispute resolution procedures. We firmly hold the line on our client’s position while encouraging resolution without litigation, provided the other party is open to negotiation.

Our experienced family lawyers are adept at breaking stalemates and taking the burden of negotiation off your shoulders. If an agreement is reached, we draft the orders and get them sealed (ie., signed off) by the court to make them binding.

When is Litigation Necessary?

In some cases, litigation becomes necessary, primarily when parties can’t agree on property or child-related orders, or when there is an urgent need for immediate court intervention. However, even in the event of litigation, our experience is that most family law disputes are typically resolved without having to go to trial (or final hearing).

If litigation ensures, it’s not as daunting as it might seem. It often serves as a nudge for the other party to negotiate and accelerates the resolution process.

Property Settlements

Our team represents clients with property pools of all sizes. We listen to your desired outcomes, provide realistic advice, and then pursue those outcomes. Our full-service legal firm also minimises the impact of family law disputes on your business or assets.

Parenting and Children Advice

Our family lawyers take their duty to you seriously, understanding what is at stake in parenting and children matters. We will strive to help you maintain the most favourable post-separation relationship with your children.


Our divorce lawyers can guide you through all stages of your separation and divorce, providing clarity and understanding.

Intervention Orders

We regularly obtain and defend intervention orders, when there’s a threat to personal safety or wellbeing.

Our Experience

Most new clients have many questions. This is a common sentiment, and we’re here to answer those questions and to clarify your legal options by presenting our advice in a practical way.

From child custody and grandparent rights to complicated and contested divorce and spousal maintenance hearings, we have extensive experience as a firm across the range of family law scenarios. Our experience, negotiation skills, and guidance will help you get the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Us?

With experienced and compassionate family lawyers, PCL Lawyers is a full-service firm with expertise beyond basic family law matters. We carefully consider case strategy, keep you informed, and address the tough issues on your behalf. We are transparent about our legal costs, offering reasonable prices, and delivering a high standard of advice and service.

Call us today on 1300 794 559 for a confidential discussion or otherwise contact us via the contact form on this page and we will be right back to you.

Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

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Our Brisbane Lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice as well as practical solutions. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding client through their matter addressing commercial considerations and real-life situations and resolving issues quickly.

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