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Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers in Brisbane

If you are considering divorce or separation getting the right guidance and advice on divorce can be difficult. Children, debts and assets all need to be considered carefully during a very emotional time. Dividing your parenting and financial responsibilities can seem daunting and without the right information or representation you can make the process harder for yourself.

Our divorce lawyers in Brisbane can give you clarity and help you plan a way forward whether you are in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia or overseas. Whether you are making initial enquiries or have found yourself separating suddenly, we can assist and provide quality and considered advice.

We understand the family law court system and have extensive experience in advising and negotiating and mediating the division of assets and children matters.

Get clear divorce advice from the outset.

Considering or moving through a divorce, like any major event, can be clouded by a multitude of opinions and misinformation. It is important to seek clarity from an experienced lawyer as each case is different and this will help you sort out any immediate, intermediate and longer-term action you should take and what to expect.

Clear concise advice will mean that you are making decisions and acting from a well-informed position. You will have clarity about the timeframes, cost, expectations and possible options you have.

Complex assets or financial structures such as family trusts or businesses can make the division of assets more difficult when couples divorce. If you have complicated financial considerations, we can assist. In addition to our family law team, we have extensive property and commercial experience we utilise in such matters. We take a structured and methodical approach to the division of complex assets and have extensive experience in helping clients separate their financial interests.

Whether you have a simple or complicated matter we can provide clear advice and guidance on your entitlements and what to expect in the divorce.

How our divorce lawyers can help you make the best decisions…

Our family lawyers ensure that you will have the right representation from the outset. It is important to take a long perspective and have a clear strategy when commencing formal communications with your spouse about divorce. You need all your initial correspondence to be drafted carefully should the matter eventually end up in court. It is key to have the right representation that will not prejudice or diminish your legal position.

Most legal matters settle before the parties have to go to court, but it is vitally important to ensure that from the outset your position is not prejudiced and your rights are protected. This is particularly true when there are parenting matters, or large or complex asset pools involved.

To help you move forward and make short and long term plans you need to be well advised and understand your rights. Our family lawyers know how to protect your position for the best outcome and can give you clarity about timeframes, options, cost and procedures.

At PCL Lawyers our lawyers take a rigorous approach to setting out your matter so if legal proceedings do eventuate you are well prepared. Our divorce lawyers carefully consider your matter and employ thoughtful strategies, so your matter is given the best chance of success.

Speak to one of our divorce lawyers in Brisbane today to see how we can help call us on 1300 794 559 or complete an online form and we will call you back promptly.

Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

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Our Brisbane Lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice as well as practical solutions. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding client through their matter addressing commercial considerations and real-life situations and resolving issues quickly.

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