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Looking for an expert franchisee lawyer in Brisbane? Our franchisee lawyers have considerable experience in franchise law and extensive practical knowledge as well. We can provide you with comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of franchising.

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Buying a Franchise: Before You Sign - There is much to consider…

Buying a franchise is a great way to leverage established infrastructures as well as joining a recognised and successful brand. You can draw on the wisdom of experienced franchisors and gain a real advantage by having access to proven systems. However, for the unwary, the landscape of franchising also presents potential risks and uncertainties.

Whilst we act for both franchisees and franchisors, sometimes franchise documents can be drafted in a way that is highly disadvantageous to a new franchisee. As experienced franchisee lawyers, we can easily identify the problems when people come to us having not taken legal advice from a law firm that is experienced in franchising. A franchisee lawyer’s role is not merely to “rubber stamp” the franchise documents, but rather advise you of issues in the franchise documents that could affect you, sooner or later. The risks are real and the outcome can very expensive if you don’t enter a franchise relationship with your eyes wide open. We like the entrepreneurial spirit that we see in prospective franchisees. Our genuine experience is just that good advice upfront will probably save you headaches and potentially a lot of money later.

The Franchise Document Bundle

You may have already received a document bundle from the franchisor.

The documentation that you will need to obtain legal advice about are; the Disclosure Statement and the Franchise Agreement. Included in this information will be a copy of the Franchise Code (which is the guiding document for the franchise relationship). If there are premises there will further documents, such as a Premises Licence Agreement.

We can provide you with comprehensive advice in a way that works for you. If amendments are required, we can request these of the franchisor. At the very least, you will understand exactly what you are signing. We promise to explain the documents to you in a straightforward and relevant way.

Do you have a Dispute with your Franchisor?

If we offer sound legal advice in the event that you have dispute with your franchisor, including in the following ways:

  • Dispute Resolution Procedure – both parties involved must adhere to the dispute resolution procedures outlined in the Franchise Agreement and the Franchising Code of Conduct. We will carefully assess your situation to determine the most appropriate resolution strategy for you, ensuring that you remain compliant with the law. There are different ways to deal with disputes in franchising. Careful regard ought to be taken as to the current state of the relationship between you and the franchisor.
  • Enforcing obligations under the Franchise Agreement – if the franchisor fails to fulfil its obligations, we can support you in enforcing those obligations through assertive communication with the franchisor, issuing notices, and in extreme cases, initiating injunction / legal proceedings.
  • Negotiation – effective negotiation requires thorough preparation, strategic timing, and skill. We understand the importance of successful negotiation and have successfully helped our clients avoid costly court proceedings by securing favourable resolutions and settlements.
  • Mediation – disputes can often be resolved through mediation, which allows both parties to work towards an agreement. Generally, mediation is a prerequisite to litigation. If mediation is unsuccessful, the next step may be litigation.
  • Litigation – in some cases, litigation becomes necessary with the court being the final arbiter. If the decision is made to initiate legal proceedings, you can trust our experienced franchise and commercial litigators to vigorously prosecute or defend your position.

Why Choose Us?

Regardless of your stage in the franchise journey, whether you’re just stepping onto the path or facing challenges along the way, you need a skilled legal representation. Our seasoned franchise experts can offer advice and support at every juncture.

To discuss more about how we can assist you, simply complete the contact form on this page or alternatively, call us directly on 1300 794 559.

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