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Our Approach

Our team of commercial litigation lawyers has vast experience in dealing with disputes and, where necessary, conducting litigation. Where possible we will negotiate to resolve without litigation or minimal litigation. We use mediation where we can, while at the same time, vigorously pressing each client’s position.

Where litigation is unavoidable, and sometimes it is necessary or unavoidable, our litigators have the serious necessary skillset to represent you with vigour in prosecuting your position. Proper case planning is essential, and we have a team of lawyers that carefully consider tactical moves from the other party, plus the technical legal skills to prosecute a legal position confidently.

We also use other strategic dispute resolution methods prior such as, “calderbank” offers, whereby an offer of settlement is made by one party to another in an attempt to resolve the dispute and “offers of compromise”. These can be good motivators to another party to settle, and it gives you good cost protection if the matter proceeds to trial.

If you dispute the results in legal proceedings and it goes to a trial or hearing, we have the experience and resources to run it effectively. We consider the appointment of our barristers very carefully. We also have access to a wide range of third party experts to provide specific expert evidence to help substantiate, or defend, the claim against you.

Expert Lawyers in Brisbane

Do you have a claim to bring against another party?

If you have a claim to make against someone else, you can rely on us. We have litigators at PCL who work across our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney offices. We run both small cases and larger, however we bring the experience we have garnered from running large cases to the smaller ones. We consider that this gives our clients a clear advantage.

If you have been served with court documents

The first thing to do, is to act quickly. If you have received a letter of demand, it is crucial to take it seriously and seek urgent legal advice. Our approach is to thoughtfully consider the nature of the allegations and then provide a strategy for addressing the allegations. Many plaintiff claims are weak and can be contained or dismissed altogether. Regardless of the legitimacy or potency of the claims, our experienced Brisbane defence lawyers will focus on containing the issues and fighting back on your behalf.

Courts & Tribunals

Our Litigation Lawyers have experience in a variety of courts and tribunals such as:

  • Magistrates Court
  • District Court
  • Supreme Court of Queensland
  • QCAT
  • Planning and Environment Court
  • Family Court of Australia
  • Federal Court of Australia
  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

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Our Brisbane Lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice as well as practical solutions. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding client through their matter addressing commercial considerations and real-life situations and resolving issues quickly.

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