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Landlord Lease Lawyers in Brisbane

As experienced landlord lease lawyers, we understand that you need your leases and disclosure documentation prepared quickly, economically and in a way that protects your assets and you, as a landlord.

We have considerable experience across multiple industries and states in both retail leasing (those covered by the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994) and non-retail leasing (or ‘commercial leases’) across a broad range of industries, including:

  • retail shops of all types
  • major shopping centres
  • small shopping centres
  • factories
  • service stations
  • warehouses
  • offices
  • yards

Lease Preparation

We find that our landlord clients typically just want the leases drafted quickly, to lock the tenant in for a set term.

However there are several important clauses in a lease from a landlord’s perspective, such as:

  1. lease duration and extension of term
  2. rent, outgoings and review
  3. insurance
  4. inspection, when reviewing a commercial lease
  5. Heads of Agreement


Disclosure Statement Preparation

If your premises are retail premises, you must supply a Disclosure Statement to your tenant not less than 7 days before they enter into the lease. This is document that sets out matters, in a detailed way, as to the likely outgoings, options to renew and other specific information about the property and the lease.

Our lease lawyers can prepare this for you.

If your premises are not retail premises, a Disclosure Statement is not required.

Different types of leases

There are different types of leases for different types of properties. Often, a basic lease will be sufficient, provided it includes a suite of special conditions that will give you additional protection as a landlord. We will consider what special conditions are appropriate to your situation and draft accordingly.

Why choose us?

Mostly, because we will draft you a quality lease, that protects your interests. Our fees are nevertheless very competitive. We can great offer excellent pricing because we have well-defined precedents and considerable experience in the space.

We also understand the commercial realities that landlords face and our goal is to be “go to” landlord lawyers. We are approachable, down-to-earth and very astute when it comes to delivering quality legal advice.

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