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Retail Tenant Lease Lawyers in Brisbane

If you are contemplating signing a new commercial or retail lease, obtaining legal advice from an experienced commercial lease tenant lawyer will ensure that you are properly informed.

PCL Lawyers provides comprehensive advice to tenants and prospective tenants. We have strong experience in both retail leasing and non-retail (commercial) leasing. We deal with leases, disclosure statements, subleases, assignment of leases, agreements to lease and any other documents pertaining to retail and commercial leasing.

Some of the types of premises we advise on are:

  • retail shops of all types
  • offices
  • factories
  • warehouses
  • shopping centres
  • service stations

Agreements to lease, Heads of Agreement and offers to lease

Usually, if the premises are managed by a commercial leasing agent, you will be asked to enter into one of the above agreements. Our commercial tenant lawyers will advise that it is better to obtain legal advice from a leasing lawyer before signing off, as these documents can be binding and, even from a commercial perspective, it will be advantageous to negotiate particular items into these documents.

Why choose Us?

We act for both landlords and tenants and therefore we understand both perspectives. This is particularly helpful when carefully reviewing a lease and associated documentation for a prospective tenant, because we know what to look for. Our goal, first and foremost, will be to protect your interests and to provide you with the right legal advice so you can make an informed decision as to what you are willing to accept, or not. A good lawyer will highlight the issues so you can easily make a decision.

The advice you get from us will be competitively priced, down-to-earth and straightforward. The motto by which we work is, “Concise legal advice. Commercial understanding.”

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Our Brisbane Lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice as well as practical solutions. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding client through their matter addressing commercial considerations and real-life situations and resolving issues quickly.

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