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Lease Dispute Lawyers

Lease disputes can be costly and time-consuming. Our experienced lease dispute lawyers can help you resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently. When a commercial lease dispute arises, it can quickly become burdensome and costly and may require urgent action to resolve.

Getting clear advice from a lease lawyer will help you to take affirmative and informed actions. Understanding your rights can help you properly identify the dispute, plan a strategy and find an early solution.

We have a deep understanding of the motivations and dynamics of the relationship between tenants and landlords. We recognise the impact a lease has in the commercial interests for both parties and in lease disputes our lawyers seek to ensure our clients’ interests are protected at all times.

Our Lease Lawyers Experience

Our lease lawyers have extensive experience in handling a wide range of lease disputes. We can advise tenants landlords, agents and in-house counsel on:

  • breach of lease and notices of breach
  • termination of lease
  • damages to premises
  • rent reviews
  • lockouts and eviction of tenants
  • quiet use and enjoyment
  • watertight premises
  • maintenance of premises
  • exercising option agreements
  • assignment and subletting disputes (including consent to lease)
  • commercial building defects
  • security deposit disputes
  • Insolvent tenants or landlord
  • personal property security disputes
  • disputes with body corporate managers
  • non-payment of rent and outgoings

Acting Urgently

In certain circumstances, a landlord may seek immediate action against a tenant which they consider is in breach of the lease. When seeking to enforce the conditions of a lease, there may be formal requirements you must comply with to protect your rights, and our lease dispute lawyers can provide advice quickly.

The repercussions for failing to comply with these obligations can be severe and may extinguish your rights. It is important that you obtain the advice of experienced lease dispute lawyers before taking urgent action.

Resolving Lease Disputes Quickly & Effectively

While we endeavour to find the earliest and most cost-effective solution to any lease dispute our lawyers have experience enforcing the rights contained in a lease. We act on behalf of both landlord and tenants in all types of litigation and dispute resolution.

Our legal advice for leasing matters is provided by a team comprising commercial property lawyers and litigation lawyers, both of whom have a strong track record in helping clients achieve excellent outcomes. Whether it’s a a retail shop lease or a commercial lease, our team has the expertise to assist.

We have experience appearing in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and other courts to project your rights. When litigation is necessary, we remain committed to finding the best solution for you and seek to engage in mediation or conciliation to reach a settlement when appropriate.

With offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, we can assist you with leasing matters across Austraila.

Please call us on 1300 794 559 to discuss your situation with one of our experienced lease dispute lawyers in Brisbane, or complete a contact form and will respond to you promptly.

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