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Residential Building

We provide expert building legal advice to all parties involved in residential building. Whether you are looking to build or renovate your own home as a landowner, you are developing an investment property, you are a builder, a contractor or you provide other services or materials in the building industry, we can help.

Our domestic building lawyers are highly experienced in a broad variety of matters involving many combinations of the above parties. We make the process of seeking advice and resolving building disputes as simple as it can be. Our team of building lawyers take all the details and history from you and get to the point quickly. We are also skilled at communicating complex legal points, and the way that they apply to your matter.

Our Services

Our building legal team have years of experience in providing advice and acting in the following services:

The area of building law is very specific. Not all lawyers have the relevant understanding of building laws, the specific legislation and how it operates in relation to the Contract, licensing and other parties. Having industry exposure and ongoing experience is vital in providing the best quality advice and service.

Our Experience

PCL lawyers has many years of collective experience in the building industry helping clients with contract advice and resolving disputes. We understand that no two situations are factually the same, so we are adept at providing advice specific to your situation. Whether you are requiring contract advice or are involved in a small or large building dispute, we have helped many clients and can help you too.

In some instances, you may only need an initial advice to start with. We often provide first advice to clients before they attend the DBDRV to assist them in understanding the process and presenting their case. Read more here on how we can assist you if you are involved in a domestic building dispute.

For builders, contractors, sub-contractors and other building professionals we provide advice tailored that is relevant and concise to your situation. We have helped many clients resolve their issues with clients, other professionals and in debt collection. We also provide advice and representation to builders and building professionals regarding their licence and other issues with associations. Our advice is commercial, considers the broad spectrum of risks you may face and is targeted towards obtaining the outcome best for you and your business.

We listen to our clients and strategise with you to help achieve your desired outcomes. We look to resolve issues quickly and effectively. We have a deep knowledge of the relevant building laws coupled with strong practical experience in applying the law and defending our client’s position.

We have a consultative approach so that our lawyers fully understand what is at stake. We then can advise you on the best legal options that you have. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and are always working to help parties resolve the matter, including reaching agreements before or during any proceedings.

In disputes, we work to ensure that your case is well prepared and presented. Our legal advice is of a high quality and our service is cost-effective.

To speak to a building lawyer contact us on 03 8397 5000. Alternatively complete an online form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss your matter further.

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Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

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