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Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in assisting Employers relating to their employment law needs in the following areas:

  • Drafting Employment Contracts
  • Drafting remuneration and bonus policies
  • Redundancy, Restructuring & Terminations
  • Enforcing Restraint of Trade clauses
  • Advising about issues arise from the sale of a business
  • Advice relating to such claims such as relating to unfair dismissal, protection provision claims and underpayment claims
  • Representation at Fair Work Australia
  • Workplace Investigations

Employment Contracts

What does a good Employment Contract include?

Each industry, each business and each role within a business is different. The employment contract needs to be drafted to match the nature and intricacies of the role.

An employment contact will go much further than merely being remuneration and annual leave. You will generally want to deal with things such as confidential information, restraint of trade, hours of work and probation in particular detail.

Getting this right is clarity for both the employee and the employer and this makes it less likely that it be confusion later on or, should the employee’s employment need to be terminated one reason or another, the basis of such will be clearly delineated.

We spend the time to tailor your employment agreements to suit your business to ensure that your business is adequately protected.

Disputes with Employees

Restraint of Trade (Non-compete) and Confidential Information

It is a very serious matter when an employee breaches a restraint of trade (also known as a noncompete) clause.

This issue arises when an employee has entered into specific obligation employment contract not to do such things as start their own business in opposition to their employer, or poach staff from that employer or, in some circumstances, even work for a competitor for a period of time.

A well drafted restraint of trade clause and employment contract will have a good chance of being enforceable. There is a very large body of case law where the courts have considered the enforceability of a restraint of trade clause. Every case is different.

We can assist you with providing advice about drafting restraint of trade clauses or represent you in circumstances where the employee has sought to take your client database or poach your employees otherwise start a business when they had promised not to do so.

We are experienced in bringing injunction applications against rogue employees to stop the offending behaviour by restraining them from working from an employer or operating their own business, for example with a previous employer’s database (being confidential information). Employers can be successful in these types of claims even in the absence of an employment agreement so if you are in circumstances where you don’t even have an employment agreement in place, so it is still worth seeking our advice because there may be other common law options open to you to rely upon in pursuing the rogue employee.

We Are Here to Help

Please contact us if you have questions in relation to the issues above or any other employment matter. We can be contacted on 1300 907 335 or by completing the contact form on this page.

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