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Want to become a Franchisor?

Have you ever considered franchising your business?

Successful expansion requires strategic and careful planning. It is important to determine what is the right structure for you, by understanding the regulatory system and the market.

As a successful business owner, you have several options to grow your business. One of these is to set up a franchise.

At PCL Lawyers, our effective franchise lawyers will guide you through personalised options and determine if franchising your business is the best growth option which will provide you the most value.

Drafting Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Statements

A well-structured Franchise Arrangement will protect you from certain types of liability while still allowing you to grow your business revenue and reputation.

Setting up a franchise is a complex thing to do and requires the consideration of many aspects, such as:

  • what you need to do to comply with the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • what information you need to provide to potential franchisees
  • what the terms of your standard Franchise Agreement will be
  • what your internal procedure for handling complaints will be
  • how to protect yourself from claims of vicarious liability.

The right documentation is vital to the success of your franchise.

At PCL Lawyers, we do not rely on standard document templates. We seek to gain a deep understanding of your business structure and processes to carefully draft a tailored franchise agreement and disclosure statement. Together, our franchise team will work with you to consider and implement provisions and criteria to help insulate your business from the acts of your franchisees.

Our Continuing Support and Advice for Franchisors

Our relationship with you does not end upon the completion of your franchise documents. We continue to support and advise our clients as their franchise systems grow and help them through the issues that may arise through their franchising journey. We ensure our clients are continuously fulfilling their disclosure obligations and preventing breaches of the Franchising Code of Conduct (Code).

Continuing Compliance

Franchisors must maintain up to date Disclosure Documents. If you provide information that is out of date, it may be construed as misleading conduct and breaching the Code, which may result in heavy penalties. It is therefore important to have continuing legal support, especially if regulations are updated or your franchise undergoes change, in order to avoid costly penalties.

Franchise Disputes

Even with the best Franchise Agreement in place, disputes may arise. If you are facing allegations by a franchisee, or perhaps, multiple franchisees, it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible. Defending several claims, or even a class action, can be complicated and requires the need for a strong legal team on your side.

Why PCL Lawyers?

At PCL Lawyers, our franchise solicitors are experienced and dedicated. They can assist you in all aspects of franchise law – from setting up your franchise, providing ongoing support, and should a dispute arise, ensure you and your franchise are protected and properly represented. Our practical and strategic advice can help you build, grow, and protect your franchise. Contact us today on 1300 907 335 or complete the enquiry form on this page.

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