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Our Victorian Tax lawyers can provide expert advice

Our Victorian tax lawyers have expert know-how on navigating Victorian State tax legislation, and in providing advice and representation in disputes with the State Revenue Office. We can also assist with other revenue authorities from the respective states and jurisdictions. However, this page is specific to the Victorian State based taxes.

Whether your matter relates to a land tax, payroll or other duties, our team can provide clear advice and representation in disputes.

Our tax lawyer can provide advice in the following areas:

State Revenue Lawyers

Land Tax

  • Primary Production Land
  • Charities, Sporting Clubs and Not-for-Profits (NFP)
  • Absentee Owner Surcharge
  • Vacant Residential Land Tax
  • Principal Place of Residence
  • Trust Surcharge
  • Valuations

Land Transfer Duty (“Stamp Duty”)

  • Sub-sale Duty
  • Lease Duty
  • Foreign Purchaser Additional Duty Surcharge
  • Dutiable Transactions
  • Chapter 2 Duty Exemptions and Concessions
  • Partnership Acquisition Duty

Landholder Duty

  • Relevant Acquisitions
  • Aggregation Provisions
  • Economic Entitlements
  • Chapter 3 Exemptions

Payroll Tax

  • Medical and Allied Health Practices
  • Common Law Employees
  • Relevant Contract Provisions
  • Employment Agents
  • Grouping and De-grouping

Windfall Gains Tax

  • Liability Provisions
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Exemptions and Concessions
  • Deferrals
  • Valuation Objections
  • Objection to the Imposition of Windfall Gains Tax

Congestion Levy

  • Leviable Parking Space
  • Private and Public Car Parks
  • Exempt Parking Spaces
  • Part-year Concessions

Taxation Administration

  • Assessments and Re-assessments
  • Refunds
  • Private Rulings
  • Objections, Reviews and Appeals

Experts in State based Tax Law

At PCL Lawyers we provide individuals, businesses and organisations with concise legal advice. We have a deep skill set in handling disputes and providing taxation advice in Victoria and Australia wide.

If you require expert legal advice with navigating any Victorian State taxation matter we can assist. We can provide advice or expert representation in an investigation, audit, objection or litigation with any of the Revenue Authorities in Australia. Speak to one of our expert Victorian Tax lawyers, on 1300 907 335 or by completing the contact form on this page. All enquiries are treated as highly confidential.

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