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Expert Business Lawyers in Melbourne

Are you looking for Business Lawyers with commercial understanding? At PCL lawyers we provide concise legal advice with commercial understanding.

Our business lawyers have strong experience in helping business owners with commercial law advice.

At our core we are a commercial law firm and we have designed our practice around meeting the legal needs of business owners. From choosing the right business structure at the start, to the ongoing legal issues that inevitably face businesses in one form or another. We also help business owner’s plan and manage their eventual exit from the business.

We provide concise and accurate legal advice to help protect and advance our clients businesses.

Commercial law takes into a lot of different areas of law and legislation such as contract formation and disputes, Australian Consumer Law, the Corporations Act, employment, franchising and the list goes on. Our business lawyers all have extensive experience and our commercial agreements are robust.

Business Lawyers Melbourne

Our Business Law Practice Areas

Our expert business lawyers based in Melbourne will offer legal advice that is tailored to your unique circumstances. We are a full-service commercial law firm helping individuals and Small & Medium sized business such as:

Commercial Lawyer

We provide commercially sound advice

Many business owners want advice that is clearly articulated, and to be protected. We understand many of our clients are unaware of the range of legal issues and potential pitfalls. We work with our clients to consider and advise on what will suit them best. Competent commercial lawyers will be able to balance and articulate legal risks and the advantages and disadvantages of a particular course so clients can make the most informed decision.

Commercial lawyers provide advice that will help protect clients to conduct and grow their business.

Many legal agreements such as distribution agreements and leases need to carefully consider a wide range of issues.

Getting business agreements drafted correctly and to a very high standard helps to ensure that disputes are prevented and there is no confusion about the roles and rights of the parties.

Our lawyers’ approach their work with business owners to first understand their commercial needs. Then draft agreements and contracts or provide advice that is tailored to their business needs. We understand the issues that business owners face and strive to provide relevant advice to fit immediate and longer-term consequences.

To be an effective business lawyer requires balancing a client’s business needs with the risks and future legal needs.

Aside from expert drafting skills and commercial nouse, business lawyers also have to be able to negotiate and advocate for their clients. This skill of being able to broker an alignment between the parties is essential and not to be underestimated.

We understand that each business and industry have its own individual features and that there is no “one size fits all” approach in commercial law.

This is why, as commercial lawyers, we will take the time to understand the culture of your business, its objectives and its goals in order to determine the best approach. This means that we are able to find the best solution to protect you and your business dealings both immediately and ongoing.

Speak to our business lawyers obligation-free.

Looking for a Lawyer or Law Firm in Melbourne?

You want to know that you are getting advice and real solutions from a lawyer who not only has strong experience and knowledge in legal matters but you also want a lawyer who can navigate you through the commercial realities.

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Read Our Guide on Buying a Business.

The guide is written by our commercial lawyers and covers all aspects of purchasing a business. We provide an overview of what you can expect, starting with due diligence and continuing through all stages of the business acquisition process.

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