Family Law
Need a loan from your parents to buy a house?  
14 April 2022
What children, and parents, need to consider before getting help to buy a property. The bank of mum...
What Does A Family Lawyer Really Do For You?
09 February 2022
An overview of what our family lawyers do for our clients.  There are few areas of social life a...
Vaccinations for Children in Family Law Disputes
21 December 2021
Vaccinations have been a key issue of 2021 and will continue to cause disagreements well into ...
What does Family Law Cover?  
01 September 2021
Family law covers all aspects of law that relates to families. It encompasses all children's matte...
Dealing with false accusations in family law.
14 July 2021
Some of the most contested legal matters are family law matters. Clients on both sides can make fals...
What Does a Prenuptial Agreement Do?
23 June 2021
Prenuptial agreements are not just for rich millionaires wanting to protect their assets. A prenup i...
What are a Father’s Rights to see their child in a Child Custody Dispute?
30 April 2021
Divorce can be tricky for all parties involved. It’s also very confusing as a father in this proce...
Divorce and Private School Fees For Children
01 April 2021
Separating with children can make the process of coming to a financial settlement quite difficult. T...
What should I do after I separate from my de facto partner?
09 December 2020
  De facto Separations For all intents and purposes a de facto relationship is treated the sa...
COVID-19: Alternative Ways to Resolve Family Law Disputes to Avoid Family Court Delays
10 November 2020
In a recent article the Chief Justice of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court has recently adm...
How does the division of assets work after separation or divorce?
29 May 2020
Dividing assets in the event of a separation or divorce can be a confusing and stressful experienc...
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