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Commercial Leasing Guide

Your Guide to Commercial Leasing

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Comprehensive Guide to Commercial and Retail Leasing

Are you looking to lease a commercial or retail space? Download this free and comprehensive resource to help you navigate the complexities of commercial leasing.
Our in-depth guide, crafted by our experienced lease lawyers. This guide provides a blend of practical advice and legal expertise to ensure you’re fully equipped; whether you’re a tenant or a landlord; a novice or a seasoned professional.

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What You’ll Learn From Our Guide:

  1. Lease Essentials
    • Negotiating a Lease: Master the art of lease negotiation with key strategies and tips.
    • Market Research: Understand the importance of thorough market research in selecting the right premises.
  2. Understanding the Market
    • Vacancy Rates & Business Planning: Dive into market dynamics and prepare a robust business plan.
    • Record Keeping & Intended Use: Learn the significance of maintaining good records and clarifying the intended use of your property.
    • Property Insights: Explore various aspects like the condition of the property, building rules, and the importance of knowing your neighbours.
    • Insurance and Incentives: Unravel the complexities of insurance requirements and discover potential leasing incentives.
    • Fit Out and Rates: Get insights into fit-out possibilities and per square meter rates.
  3. The Lease Agreement
    • Due Diligence & Heads of Agreement: The importance of due diligence and crafting a heads of agreement.
    • Retail & Commercial Lease Agreements: An overview of what a commercial lease entails.
    • Director’s & Personal Guarantees: Understand the implications of guarantees in leasing.
    • Security Deposits: Learn about the role and requirements of security deposits.
    • Lease Transfers: Guidelines on assignments, subletting, and lease transfers.
    • Dealing with Defaults and Make Good: Understand & prepare for potential defaults and understand the ‘make good’ obligations.
    • Options & Rent Reviews: Strategies for managing rent reviews and exploring further leasing options.
    • Understanding Fees, Legal Costs, and Outgoings: A breakdown of all associated costs in leasing.
  4. Who Will Benefit From This Guide? 
    • Tenants and Landlords: Whether you’re a first-time tenant or a seasoned landlord, this guide offers valuable insights for anyone involved in commercial or retail leasing.
    • Business Owners: Ideal for business owners looking to understand the leasing landscape for their operations.
    • Real Estate Professionals: A handy resource for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge in commercial and retail leasing.
Download Your Commercial and Retail Leasing Guide Today!

Get informed as you start your leasing journey and make decisions with confidence. Download our comprehensive guide to commercial and retail leasing now and navigate the leasing world with ease and expertise.

Download our free commercial leasing guide today!

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