Debt Recovery

Need debts collected fast? Look no further.

We understand chasing debt and unpaid invoices can be a frustrating experience which can ultimately hurt your cash flow and business profits. Competent legal representation sends debtors a clear message, which will inevitably save you time and money in recovering money you are rightfully owed. Whether you are an individual recovering personal debt due to a loan agreement or a business with customers failing to pay, we can help.

Our recovery service is efficient and cost-effective. Our recovery lawyers in Melbourne use a specific and strategic methodology to quickly recover your money, whilst taking into account the need to maintain your client relationships and reputation.
Our lawyers take a proactive approach. We will ensure your outstanding account becomes your debtor’s priority.

How Does It Work?


Tell us about your situation.
Our dedicated recovery team take the time to get to know you and your business to provide a strategy that is tailored to your commercial, legal and reputational needs.


Discuss your options.
We consider the nature of the debt and provide you with clear and easy to understand options as to how to best legally recover your money in the most commercially viable way.


Recover your money.
We negotiate to recover your money with the focus of a stress-free and cost-effective resolution.

The difference in using us is that your creditor will see that you are serious about collecting the debt.

Our Proven Approach – Ensuring Your Debt Is Paid

    • Letter of Demand to the Debtor – our very effective letters of demand, tailored to your circumstances and having regard to the party that owes you money.
    • Contact the Debtor – we will not hesitate to contact your debtor to create urgency and encourage fast action.
    • Negotiation – where necessary, and throughout the recovery process, we will work with you to negotiate with the debtor for repayment and any disputes that may arise over the debt.
    • Legal Action (Statement of Claim) – based on the debtor’s response or lack of response, it may be suitable to commence court proceedings.
  • Settlement of the Debt – Part of our finesse is finalising the matter carefully and cost-effectively. Our unique way of encouraging a settlement with a debtor will generally better secure your position and recover your legal costs.

If a judgment is obtained, there are a range of enforcement methods available to recover your money and in many cases, the legal costs. We can assist you with these proceedings to ensure your money is repaid.

  • Seizing goods and property from the debtor to repay the debt
  • Summons for Oral Examination – the debtor must attend Court to explain their assets and liabilities
  • Garnishee Orders – a court order that requires the employer to ‘dock the pay’ of the debtor
  • Bankruptcy of the debtor
  • Liquidation/Winding up of the company that owes you money

Protecting Your Business for The Future

Prevention is better than cure. It is important to minimise future debt by protecting your business with its contracts, terms of trade and agreements.
We can provide quality advice on your current terms and agreements and ensure you have well-drafted agreements to protect you from future bad debt and the headache of unpaid invoices.

Why Are We Better Than a Debt Collection Agency?

PCL Lawyers can assist in recovering your debt at any stage of the process, anywhere in Australia. Unlike a debt collection agency, our experienced lawyers can litigate if the debtor fails to pay after the letter of demand and your legal costs may be recoverable.

As debt ages, the recouping of debt or the defending of a claim becomes increasingly difficult. It is important to act quickly and obtain professional support. Contact us today on 1300 907 335 to discuss your situation or complete the enquiry form below.

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