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Debt Recovery

Our Firm’s Practice Areas in Debt Recovery Include:


Need debts collected fast? Look no further.

We understand chasing debt and unpaid invoices can be a frustrating experience, which can ultimately hurt your cash flow and business profits. Competent legal representation sends debtors a clear message, which will inevitably save you time and money in recovering money you are rightfully owed. Whether you are a business with customers failing to pay or an individual recovering personal debt due to a loan agreement, we can help.

Our recovery service is efficient and cost-effective. Our recovery lawyers in Melbourne use a specific and strategic methodology to quickly recover your money, whilst taking into account the need to maintain your client relationships and reputation. Our lawyers take a proactive approach. We will ensure your outstanding account becomes your debtor’s priority.

Debt Collection Lawyers

How Does It Work?

Contact us Today

Tell us about your situation. Our dedicated recovery team take the time to get to know you and your business to provide a strategy that is tailored to your commercial, legal and reputational needs.

Get Advice and Options

Discuss your options. We consider the nature of the debt and provide you with clear and easy to understand options as to how to best legally recover your money in the most commercially viable way.

Take Action

Recover your money. We demand payment. If the debt is not paid or a satisfactory arrangement made, we progress with initiating legal processes swiftly.

The difference in using us is that your creditor will see that you are serious about collecting the debt.

Our Proven Approach - Ensuring Your Debt Is Paid

  • Letter of Demand to the Debtor – our letters of demand, tailored to your circumstances and thought goes into the process rather than taking a cookie cutter approach.
  • Contact the Debtor – we will not hesitate to contact your debtor to create urgency and encourage fast action.
  • Negotiation – where necessary, and throughout the recovery process, our debt recovery lawyers will work with you to negotiate with the debtor for payment and any disputes that may arise over the debt.
  • Legal Action (Statement of Claim) – based on the debtor’s response or lack of response, it may be suitable to commence court proceedings.
  • Settlement of the Debt – Part of our finesse is finalising the matter carefully and cost-effectively. Our unique way of encouraging a settlement with a debtor will generally better secure your position and, in many cases, recover your legal costs.

Client Testimonials

Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

Looking for a Lawyer or Law Firm in Melbourne?

You want to know that you are getting advice and real solutions. You not only want a lawyer who has strong experience and knowledge in legal matters, but a lawyer who can also navigate you through the commercial realities.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Read Our Guide on Debt Recovery.

The guide is written by our debt collection and litigation lawyers and covers all aspects of debt recovery. We provide an overview for individuals and business owners who might be needing to recover outstanding debts.



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