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Our Experienced Family Lawyers Bring Reason and Resolve to Complicated Circumstances.

There are no two identical families and likewise all family law advice needs to consider each person’s circumstances. While there may be similarities there is no cookie-cutter approach.

For this reason, there is an understandable amount of uncertainty people have about their position and rights when they are separating, divorcing or find themselves in a child custody dispute.

From the outset our family lawyers will review your position and advise you of where you stand and what is involved to get the best outcome for you. Family law disputes impact relationships with your family members and your finances.

Family law is often an emotional and nuanced area of law. Fortunately, it is also set up for agreements to be reached between the parties through mediation. Our family lawyers are skilled in supporting clients to reach agreements quickly.

The areas of family law our family law team can help with:

PCL’s family lawyers are skilled in assisting people whose needs range from simple initial advice through to complex property settlements or disputes involving children.

Family Lawyers

Trying to resolve the matter first

Where possible, it is usually better to reach amicable resolutions through settlement discussions and alternative dispute resolution procedures. While remaining firm and holding the other party to account, in our experience it is better to seek resolution on as many issues as possible without litigation. This is of course dependent upon the other party’s willingness to negotiate.

This is where experienced family lawyers are worth their salt because they will often be able to unlock a stalemate position. It is also takes the burden away from you of trying to resolve things directly with the other party or their lawyers.

Where agreement can be reached, your lawyer will draft the orders and can have them endorsed by the court on your behalf to ensure that they are binding upon the other party.

When is litigation necessary?

Sometimes, litigation is necessary. The are two main reasons why Federal Circuit and Family Court (Family Court) litigation commences. Firstly, is when the parties simply cannot agree on orders relating to property or children, and secondly, when there is an urgent need that requires immediate court intervention, for example the safety or recovery of children.

In most cases, even where litigation has needed to start, family law disputes will usually be resolved without going to trial.

What happens if family court litigation starts?

It is not anywhere near as foreboding as what many people think. Sometimes, it is necessary to give the other party a nudge if they are unwilling to negotiate. There are many, many steps before a trial (final hearing) and the court forces the parties to come together in mediation, the presence of a court appointed registrar and with their lawyers very early in the piece.

This is usually very productive and requires an obstinate party to present himself or herself at the court. Litigation puts momentum into the process and often hastens the resolution time. There is a definitive court date and most people settle prior to a court appearance. After all, the goal is generally to deal with what needs to be dealt with so that everyone can move on with life, right?

Property Settlements

We routinely represent clients with smaller property pools to larger, more substantial, property pools.

The strategy is fundamentally the same: we will listen to you want as a desired outcome, provide realistic, sensible advice about what is feasible as we see it and then going after the outcome.

There are rules that the law follows in relation to property settlements. These need to be considered carefully in regards to your particular circumstances.

Property settlements involving commercial interests don’t just require a knowledge of the law but also “real world” commercial nouse. As a full-service legal firm our commercial team often work with or provide legal advice to minimise the impact of a family law dispute on your business or assets.

Valuations are a key part of the process. If necessary, we have access to forensic accountants, valuers and other experts to assist in assessing the value of assets. At all stages, we will be thorough and determined, to ensure that your financial interests are maximised.

To read more, please visit our dedicated page: property settlement.

Parenting and Children Advice

We take our duty to you and our legal responsibility very seriously. Our family lawyers understand what is at stake when helping families through parenting and children matters.

The relationship post-separation between you and your children is clearly extremely important and we will strive to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

We help mothers, fathers, grandparents as well as other family members and significant others.

To read more, please visit our dedicated page: parenting and children.


Our divorce lawyers can help you in any stage of your divorce. We can provide clarity if you are considering a divorce or have just separated. Divorce is a commonly used term to encompass all aspects of separation.

Divorce is a separate process in family law proceedings to parenting and property settlement matters.

To read more, please visit our dedicated page: Divorce.

Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders are necessary when there is a threat to a person’s safety or wellbeing. We regularly obtain and defend intervention orders in the family context. This includes Personal Safety Intervention Orders and Family Violence Intervention Orders.

To read more, please visit our dedicated page: intervention orders.

"I have so many questions!"

This is said to us often. We understand that our clients are going through a difficult process. It is perfectly normal for there to be many questions and the future can seem uncertain at the start.

Questions can range from financial concerns such as “How much will I get from a divorce?” to questions about “can my partner stop me from seeing my children?”.

Having clarity on your options will help you make decisions about the future of your family and finances.

We help you understand and make sense of the stages involved and we take the time to answer all of your questions.

Our Experience

We handle a wide range of family law matters that range from child custody and grandparent rights through to complicated and contested divorce and spousal maintenance hearings.

Our experience and professionalism means that you will have a clear vision of how the court decisions will relate to your matter and how your individual family circumstances will likely be assessed in court.

Our experience, negotiation skills and ability to guide you through your matter will help you obtain the best outcome. We are well versed in acting for our clients in Melbourne family courts. Our family law team take a pragmatic approach to resolving matters as quickly as possible.

Why Choose PCL Lawyers?

We have experienced family lawyers in our family team who are compassionate where possible but tough and determined where necessary.

Further, importantly, PCL is a full-service firm that has the expertise beyond basic family law matters. Our family lawyers work closely with our commercial team and property team, who can provide specific legal expertise about business and any type of real estate issue when the need requires.

We consider case strategy very carefully and then go about enforcing it on your behalf. You will be clearly advised, verbally and writing, to ensure that you stay properly informed.

As your advocates, we take the burden off you and address the tough issues on your behalf. We have regard to legal costs and are upfront and transparent about these matters, so that you are informed and can weigh the cost / benefit at each stage. Our pricing is very reasonable, having regard to the high standard of advice and service that you will receive.

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