Businesses & Complex Assets
12 May 2021
Separation, Divorce & Business Property Settlements when you own a business or complex assets ...
Family Law Mediation
16 September 2020
How does family law mediation work? Mediation is a key component to any family law dispute where th...
Child Support / Child Maintenance
17 August 2020
What is Child Support/Child Maintenance? Child support or maintenance relates specifically to finan...
How to Get Custody of Your Child
13 August 2020
Making custody arrangements is one of the toughest aspects of a separation or divorce. Our family la...
Parenting Plans
31 July 2020
If both parents agree on the future arrangements for your child or children, you can have this agree...
Child Recovery Orders
15 June 2020
Child Recovery Orders If there is a parenting order in place and one parent does not return the chi...
Consent Orders
04 May 2020
What are consent orders? Consent Orders are obtained by making an application to the Court with the...
Intervention Orders
04 May 2020
Intervention Orders If you have been subjected to family violence or threatened in some way you can...
Binding Financial Agreements
04 May 2020
Binding Financial Agreement and Consent Orders When ending a relationship via separation or divorce...
Breach of Parenting Orders
04 May 2020
Breaching Family Court Orders Family Law Court Orders made by the court are binding on all parties....
Parenting Orders
26 March 2020
Parenting Orders Once you separate deciding on parenting and child custody arrangements is crucial....
Spousal Maintenance
13 March 2020
Spousal Maintenance Spousal maintenance can be awarded to make one person financially support their...
Grandparents Rights
13 March 2020
Grandparents' Rights to see their Grandchildren Grandparents have the right to see and spend time w...
Parenting and Children Lawyers
11 April 2019
Protecting Your Children’s Welfare During a Separation If you are have separated, or are consider...
Divorce Lawyers
11 April 2019
Effective Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne For many, getting a divorce is a difficult process. Not only...
Property Settlement Lawyers
11 April 2019
Family Law Property Settlement (post Separation) If you have separated, or plan to do so, you will ...
Separation Lawyers
11 April 2019
Expert Advice From Separation Lawyers in Melbourne Following separation most people want to finalis...
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