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Education / School Law

Over time, the education sector has become more regulated, corporate and complex. Matters, once resolved over a parent-teacher meeting or student-teacher meeting, now frequently require the assistance of lawyers.

PCL Lawyers is able to assist in all matters of school and education law for institutions across all levels in Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Education matters take time to consider. When making an enquiry please note that charge fees for our professional advice and correspondence. We look forward to helping you if this is feasible.

Disputes with Educational Institutions

We understand the emotional stress a decision, such as expulsion or academic misconduct may have on a student and their family. For TAFE or tertiary students, these decisions can be costly and may lead to loss of fees, delay of graduation; or worse, the end of their dream career.

The decision or conduct of an education provider or the Department of Education is not always absolute. From experience, we know that educational institutions can get it wrong. At times, the decision of schools may be unfair, may be discriminatory or the result of procedural error – for example the education provider has failed to investigate a matter properly. It is therefore vital to get advice on the validity of a school’s decision or conduct, and to understand your options.

Our experienced education lawyers can provide advice and assist with any appeal process for:

  • Decisions in relation to student entry (failure to gain entry)
  • Academic failure and academic grading/marking
  • Academic exclusions and expulsions
  • Academic misconduct
  • General misconduct
  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Refund of fees

To discuss your situation with an experienced education lawyer, or for comprehensive advice on any school law matter in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, call PCL Lawyers today on 1300 907 335. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form on this page and we will promptly respond.

Advising on a Variety of School Law Issues

An expert education lawyer is able to assist preschools, schools, colleges and universities with a range of legal matters, such as registering as a not-for-profit, obtaining tax exemption, enrolment processes, property acquisition and any governance issues that might arise.

An experienced school lawyer can advise school boards and staff in relation to the following matters:

Contracts (including drafting, review and breach) of all types.

Enrolment Matters (including enrolment contracts).

Employment-related matters (including executive and other employment contracts, unfair dismissal, employee disputes, restraint of trade and protections of confidential information)

Equipment Leasing and Hire

Family Law – Advice on family law matters impacting schools


Insurance and risk management advice

Intellectual Property (including trademarks and copyright)

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Real Estate

  • Buying and selling real estate (commercial conveyancing)
  • Retail Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing – retail leases and non-retail leases

Debt Recovery for non-payment fees

Litigation and Disputes

Dispute Resolution (between staff members, staff and students, staff and parents)

Commercial Litigation

  • Trade Marks
  • Brand Protection
  • Trade Practices
  • Employment
  • Lease litigation

Student matters including complaints, parent matters and allegations against the school

Taxation matters including tax compliance

We do not just focus on fixing the immediate problems. We aim to provide long term strategies and solutions that are resilient to this increasingly complicated area of law.

Speak to an Education Lawyer Today

We appreciate that each education matter is unique. Whether you are a student, parent or an education provider, we can help. To discuss your situation with an experienced education lawyer, or for comprehensive advice on any school law matter, call PCL Lawyers today on 1300 907 335 or complete the enquiry form.

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