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Litigation Lawyers - Melbourne

Our litigation lawyers have considerable experience in resolving disputes for our clients, which we seek to do in the most efficient manner possible.

Our team of commercial litigation lawyers seek to successfully resolve disputes, if possible, before they become litigious. We do so through implementing dispute management strategies such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and private negotiation.

These strategies are aimed at best achieving your objectives by compensating you for your loss whilst considering the commercial reality of your claim.

Where litigation is unavoidable, our team has the skillset to represent you in Court to prosecute your claim with vigour.

For most clients, reaching a result that you can live with is more practical and sensible than prolonging a dispute. For some disputes, court-based litigation is unavoidable.

Various Court processes will afford you with opportunities to mediate your dispute. Having a dispute resolution lawyer that is experienced in reaching agreements via negotiation is important. ADR such as mediation and conciliation can reduce the length and cost of disputes.

There are a variety of other strategic dispute resolution methods, such as “calderbank” offers and “offers of compromise”, that can be used to motivate the other party to settle.

If your matter proceeds to trial, our litigation lawyers are experienced in presenting well organised cases with the appropriate resources.

We have access to several barristers, who are selected based on their experience, to provide their expertise.

Other disputes may require expert reports to assist your claims. We ensure that there is careful consideration and case management, so your matter is presented in the best possible light.

Litigation lawyers

Our dispute resolution and litigation experience includes the following:

Our lawyers are experienced in representing and defending clients in all manner of commercial and individual disputes.

We offer clear advice and work to ensure that you are well represented and understand the process and your legal options.

Litigation and dispute resolution is a complex and strict area of law. The court process can be unforgiving.

Whether you have been served with documents or are considering asserting your rights, we can provide expert advice.

We act in a variety of courts and tribunals such as:

  • Magistrates Court;
  • Supreme Court of Victoria;
  • County Court of Victoria;
  • Federal Court;
  • Federal Circuit Court; and
  • VCAT.

To discuss your dispute, contact us today on 1300 907 335 or complete the enquiry form on this page.

Litigation Lawyers

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