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Building & Construction Disputes

When a dispute arises on a building project it can be a costly exercise for all involved to have the dispute resolved. The sooner the dispute gets resolved, the better.

Whether you are a landowner, builder, sub-contractor, architect, engineer or supplier of building supplies and products, we can provide you with industry relevant legal advice.

It is important that you consult an experienced building dispute lawyer to know where you stand when a dispute occurs.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in managing and resolving both residential and commercial building and construction disputes.

Building and construction disputes can vary greatly in complexity, and liability is not always clear-cut. Depending on the terms of your contract, without immediate action you may unnecessarily be liable for the mistakes of another party.

So, acting quickly is advantageous, if not essential, as there may be steps you can immediately take to protect your interests. Or there may be strict time limits with which you need to comply.

We advise and represent:

  • builders,
  • homeowners,
  • developers,
  • consultants (including architects, surveyors and town planners),
  • contractors,
  • suppliers, and
  • owners’ corporations.

We can advise you about all building and construction related matters, including:

  • Security of Payment Act (SOPA) issues – If you would like to make a claim, we can help you get paid sooner, otherwise, we can provide you with advice about the processes with which you must comply if you are served with a payment claim;
  • domestic building disputes;
  • commercial building disputes;
  • defective work claims (commercial and domestic);
  • breach of contract;
  • debt recovery claims;
  • builder insolvency issues;
  • advice relating to challenging planning permit applications;
  • building licensing and home warranty insurance matters;
  • quantum meruit claims; and
  • representing you in building and constructions matters listed in VCAT or NCAT.

We appreciate the disruption and cost associated with building and construction disputes. We can give you practical advice to help sort the dispute out as soon as possible.

There are often ways to resolve a matter. Early intervention and lawyers can move that process along.

Disputes can often be resolved in negotiations without the need for legal proceedings or mediation. Where possible, our building dispute lawyers will assist clients to reach an amicable resolution without pursuing litigation as the only option.

In court-based proceedings, you may need to comply with strict time limits. If you have received a demand, payment claim or have been served with court documents, swift action is advised.

We work closely with experienced barristers who we brief as necessary. When necessary, we carefully select and provide clear instructions to various experts to assist you with your case. Our careful appointment of barristers and experts is crucial in supporting and defending your position.

If your building and construction matter does need to go to VCAT or court, we will take a proactive approach. Our building and construction lawyers are experienced with the various dispute resolution avenues including the Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) process, VCAT and all relevant courts.

If you are attending a DBDRV mediation, we can provide advice and help to resolve the matter.

We also advise builders and contractors about standard terms and conditions to help avoid disputes in the future.

If you need advice or representation, our building and construction dispute lawyer team can be contacted on 1300 907 335. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form on this page and we will respond swiftly.

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