Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes

We advise clients in relation to trade mark and confidential information disputes regularly.

We work with our clients to ensure that their intellectual property is safe and also for clients that have been accused of infringing on others copyright or intellectual property. We have extensive experience and have had many successful results for our clients, particularly in relation to trade marks and confidential information.

What if someone has used my business name?

There will usually be proprietary rights in a business name, whether or not a trade mark exists. If you were using the name first, and it was publicly known, you will have the benefit of “owning” that name. A registered trade mark equates to greater protection nevertheless. Contact us is someone has used your name or trade mark in a way not authorised by you, as significant damages may be available quite apart from being able to require that party to cease using your name or mark.

If you believe that someone has infringed your intellectual property and are considering courses of action we can advise you of the remedies available to you that are relevant to your case.

There are a variety of courses of action available depending on your circumstances.

Have you been accused of infringing intellectual property?

If you have been accused of breaching someone’s intellectual property our lawyers can assist you in firstly assessing whether their claim is legitimate and if so we can work out ways for you to minimise the exposure. Secondly, we defend your rights vigorously and ensure that you don’t give more than you have to.

For some minor infringements it is quite often the case that larger corporations will send quite threatening and intimidating letters of demand (via their lawyers) to those they believe who are infringing their rights. Some demands may be for you to stop infringing their IP and also a demand for funds and often they request you to sign very one-sided settlement deeds with them.

We work to negotiate with these parties and ensure that if you have infringed their rights that the agreed settlement is fair and you don’t pay for what you don’t have to and you are not bound by unreasonable demands. If you don’t agree with their claim we will ensure that you are defended well and seek to resolve the issue swiftly.

For more serious alleged contraventions our intellectual property lawyers work with our clients to establish the facts of the case and ensure that they are well represented and advised. We negotiate hard to reduce any liability or demand imposed on our clients and that they have the freedom to conduct their business.

We can help…

Call us today to speak to an intellectual property lawyer on 1300 907 335 or complete an enquiry form and we will call you back promptly to discuss your situation confidentially.

To learn more about our intellectual property law, please feel free to visit our Intellectual Property Page for more information. In particular, please see our trade mark and confidential information pages.

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