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Property Disputes

Property disputes come in many forms. Our property dispute lawyers have seen just about every type of situation possible. We think strategically, but are tough when we need to be.

Some examples of property disputes in which we have extensive working knowledge are:

  • Commercial / Retail Lease Disputes, including lockout situations, non-payment of rent, issues with the lease premises (including roofing disputes).We act for both landlords and tenants.
  • Disputes about Caveats, including caveat priority arguments, which often involve a lot of money when parties are contending as to “who gets what”.
  • Family Property Disputes, when there is disagreement as to who to “who owns what”, including in circumstances where there is a deceased estate.
  • Compulsory Acquisition of Land, including when a government authority seeks to acquire premises or does something to affect your premises. We act for affected landowners and business owners.
  • Off-the-Plan Purchase Disputes, including when claims of misrepresentation by the vendor or the vendor’s agent.
  • Development Disputes, including issues between co-developers, landowners and builders, sale contracts, neighbour disputes and planning issues.
  • Vendor & Purchaser Disputes when buying/selling property, including when a vendor is alleged to have misled a purchaser (for example, non-disclosure of a material fact) or if a purchaser cannot settle.
  • Adverse Possession of Land, including when a fence line is not in accord with a survey plan, and determining what rights each neighbour typically has the many options available to both parties. This is a type of land ownership dispute.
  • Fencing Disputes, including when there is a disagreement between neighbours as to “who should pay for what”.
  • Owners Corporation Disputes, where there are issues affecting common property and building defects, disputes with management.

Clearly, there is a lot at stake when there is a dispute over land. Consequences of property disputes are not always financial, but often impact close personal relationships. We understand that our clients want clarity and need direct legal advice about their options.

Prompt resolution is usually better, where possible. We can often negotiate satisfactory outcomes and settlements without the need for court proceedings using various dispute resolution strategies. Our experience across multiple practice areas is of great value when the stakes are high.

If litigation is necessary, we have extensive experience in handling a variety of complex property litigation cases and can represent you in the Supreme Court, County Court, VCAT and the Magistrates Court.

Our experience across multiple practice areas, not just property law, which adds another layer of expertise and skill when handling property disputes, especially in commercial transactions.

Our property dispute lawyers understand that litigation can have a significant impact on our clients – and even pre-litigation the circumstances can be stressful.

We make sure that we firstly have a clear case strategy in place for you. We promise to fight hard to enforce your rights with intelligence and integrity and to keep you up to date, well-advised and informed during the process. We always strive for favourable outcomes.

Our property law team have extensive experience and expertise in handling complex disputes and negotiations. Our law firm has helped many individuals and small to medium sized businesses and our team can help you too.

To discuss your circumstances with a property dispute lawyer, please either call us on 1300 907 335. Alternatively, we can call you, simply complete the contact form on this page.

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