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Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

Disputes between shareholders in a company or, similarly, a dispute between business partners, come about in diverse ways. They can arise in companies of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial litigation lawyers have a deep understanding of the Corporations Act and litigation and are best positioned to help you resolve a shareholder dispute.

Common issues bringing about shareholder disputes are:

  • a shareholder behaving irresponsibly or even fraudulently, sickness of a shareholder or disappointment that one shareholder is not doing his or her share.
  • parties want to pursue other activities.
  • one shareholder is behaving oppressively by not acting in the best interests of other shareholders, which can take many forms such as:
    • behaving contrary to the interests of the members as a whole;
    • denying access to company documents;
    • using company money improperly;
    • excluding shareholders / directors from meetings; and
    • misusing company money.

Shareholder disputes, while common, are unique as shareholder agreements and company’s affairs are all variable. They usually require careful consideration of both the shareholder agreement and common law rights to determine your position and work towards a resolution.

Seeking legal advice early is usually the best way to refine, contain and quickly resolve the issues in dispute.

We can act and advise you quickly and thoroughly to assist you in seeking the best outcome.

There are usually many options available when a dispute arises between shareholders. An experienced commercial litigation lawyer will be able to lay these out for you.

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Our litigation lawyers are based in Melbourne and can act in many different courts and tribunals. Our lawyers have helped many individuals and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) with resolving their shareholder disputes.

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