What Does A Family Lawyer Really Do For You?

An overview of what our family lawyers do for our clients. 

There are few areas of social life and legal practice involving more sensitivity and trauma than that involving family law.  

Clients frequently misunderstand the role of a lawyer in representing their interests in tharea of family law.  

While a lawyer has a professional responsibility to ensure that the client’s rights and interests are always paramount (subject only to laws relating to the welfare of children) they are also officers of the court and have obligations as such. 

To assist you in understanding the balance of these roles as your family lawyer, we highlight below how we help you through your matter: 

  1.  Provide high quality legal advice; to represent you in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner and to act in accordance with our professional obligations as lawyers and our duty (as officers of the court). 
  2. We act on the lawful instructions of our client’s and protect your interests. This is broad umbrella and guides much of what we do for our clients. 
  3. We defend your rights and interests as a priority, subject only to laws relating to children. 
  4. To encourage, counsel to assist you in isolating the issues being disputedWe provide options for the resolution of the issues in a spirit of co-operation, if possible. We seek to reach the best client outcomes through negotiation and mediation rather than by contested litigation. 
  5. To assist you to regard the welfare of any children as your first and paramount consideration. Parenting is a lifelong relationship. Wwork to establish a practical and co-operative framework for future parenting needs, where possible. 
  6. To encourage you to provide full, frank and clear disclosure of all information relevant to matters in dispute. 
  7. To provide candid and honest advice as to the merits and probable results of your case. 
  8. Reduce the emotive language and avoid heightening your stress and reduce the negative emotional load on clients. To advise, negotiate and conduct proceedings in a manner calculated to assist and encourage you to settle differences as quickly, where appropriate. We also recognise that you, or the other party, may need time to come to terms with the breakdown of the relationship 
  9. Advise, negotiate and conduct proceedings on your behalf to achieve a level playing field, to balance the power in the relationship. We work to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by the control of money, property or power. 
  10. To promote prudent family law practice and procedures to achieve the efficient handling and satisfactory conclusion of your matter. To help you understand the process and any compliance required with directions of the court, orders, agreements and terms of settlement. 

A good family lawyer will listen to you and inform you of the best way to resolve your family law matter in the quickest and most cost-effective way 

Our experience is not limited to interpreting the law and representing you. We carefully consider your circumstances and recommend practical steps you can take to improve your legal outcomes.  

These suggestions are of considerable value particularly when you are involved in parenting and custody disputes. 

For most clients, their knowledge of family law is colloquial and based on experiences and recommendations from friends and families. 

Your family lawyer will be able to clarify how the law applies to your circumstances as each family is different.  

We also advise you on what your rights and entitlements are and protect you through the process so that you get the best outcome possible. 

Our team ensure that the organisation and documentation is well prepared, and you understand each step of your matter. 

For more information you can also download our family law guide here.

Contact one of our family lawyers today to discuss how we assist you further. 

Call us on 1300 907 335 or complete and online enquiry form. 

Please note: The above is not intended to be legal advice. Every circumstance is different. Always seek legal advice in relation to your individual situation.

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