Restraint of Trade in Employment Contracts in Victoria
28 July 2022
Our employment lawyers how restraints of trade work in employment contracts in Victoria. A restrain...
The changing landscape of building contracts – Beware of Special Conditions
14 July 2022
It is now more important than ever to get advice on your building contract from a lawyer with experi...
Explainer: documents you need to sell your business?
30 June 2022
How to prepare your paperwork for a business sale. The process of selling a business can be a compl...
Defective Domestic Building Works: Knowing the Limits
09 June 2022
A brief guide to limitation periods potentially relevant in Victorian defective domestic building di...
What is the legal process after someone dies?
02 June 2022
When someone passes away there is a legal process involved to settle their affairs. This legal proce...
What happens when my employer sells the business?
19 May 2022
When a business is sold, one of the key questions which needs to be addressed is, what happens to th...
Why you should get advice before you sign an employment contract.
22 April 2022
Many employment contracts contain restrictions on employees during and post their employment. It is ...
Need a loan from your parents to buy a house?  
14 April 2022
What children, and parents, need to consider before getting help to buy a property. The bank of mum...
What is a Section 173 Agreement?
31 March 2022
  Land ownership gives people a lot of freedom to make changes or developments to their hous...
What You Should Know About Market Rent Reviews & Changing The Lease Type.
18 March 2022
Tenants will often find themselves asking what they can do to get a rent reduction, especially when ...
New Social and Affordable Housing Contribution Levy For Victorian Property Developments
23 February 2022
Last week the Victorian Government announced it is proposing a new Social and Affordable Housing Con...
What Does A Family Lawyer Really Do For You?
09 February 2022
An overview of what our family lawyers do for our clients.  There are few areas of social life a...
We Explain The Newly Released Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Regulations
08 February 2022
Here we go again – the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme in Victoria has been “extended” until ...
How does the ‘Code Brown’ effect Victoria’s Public Healthcare System Workers
31 January 2022
From midday, Wednesday, the 19 of January 2022, a Pandemic Code Brown came into effect in Victoria. ...
What is a Caveat?
27 January 2022
We Explain What Caveats Are & How They Can Be Used & Removed.   A caveat is a legal no...
Build Cost Increases & Material Supply Shortages  
14 January 2022
We first looked at the impacts of building supply shortages last year when worldwide lockdowns dimin...
When the ATO comes knocking.
13 January 2022
  Do you have a tax debt?  Have you been issued with a letter of demand from the Australian...
Vaccinations for Children in Family Law Disputes
21 December 2021
Vaccinations have been a key issue of 2021 and will continue to cause disagreements well into ...
Does A Contractor I Engage Need To Be Vaccinated?
10 December 2021
Does my Contractor Need to be Vaccinated and should I be asking for Proof of Vaccination?   ...
Do I need a lawyer for a Lease Agreement?
12 November 2021
YES, you definitely need an experienced commercial leasing lawyer to help you with a commercial leas...
When friends Fall Out In Business Partnerships
28 October 2021
Business partners – friends or foes? We all know that divorcing a spouse is a relatively common...
Update on COVID-19 Victorian Rent Relief.
15 October 2021
UPDATE: Rent Relief has been extended by the Victorian Government until 15 March 2022.   We...
COVID-19 Update: What Victorian Employers Need To Know About Mandatory Vaccinations.
08 October 2021
The Victorian Government’s most recent announcement has understandably left most Victorian busines...
Overview of Legal Changes to Franchising Laws
01 October 2021
Franchising Law Changes Applying from 1 July 2021 The Australian Government recently made amendme...
PPSR: A beginner’s guide to securing your business’ interests and how it works.
16 September 2021
You have just sold goods on credit to a new or existing customer. Your customer is late on payment a...
What does Family Law Cover?  
01 September 2021
Family law covers all aspects of law that relates to families. It encompasses all children's matte...
COVID-19 Victorian Rent Relief: Updated Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Regulations 2021. What it means for landlords and tenants.
26 August 2021
Leasing update regarding the Regulations that were introduced 24 August 2021.   The much-...
Contracts: What to Look Out for and How Seeking Expert Advice is Worth it for You
25 August 2021
  Starting a new job, buying a house or starting a business can be an exhilarating time for ...
July 2021 Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Explained
10 August 2021
The Victorian Government is in the process of introducing a new Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (Sc...
Common Myths on Wills Debunked.
04 August 2021
  Wills and estate planning is something that affect us all at some stage of our lives. Eith...
Why it’s important that you understand your domestic building contract. 
21 July 2021
  You may have just bought a new block of land, or maybe you’ve knocked down an old hous...
Franchising – Is It For You?
21 July 2021
  Franchising is an attractive business pathway for both franchisors and franchisees and comes w...
Dealing with false accusations in family law.
14 July 2021
Some of the most contested legal matters are family law matters. Clients on both sides can make fals...
We Explain Recent Changes to Law for Casual Employees. 
07 July 2021
  There have been recent changes to employment law relating to casual workers. All employ...
What Does a Prenuptial Agreement Do?
23 June 2021
Prenuptial agreements are not just for rich millionaires wanting to protect their assets. A prenup i...
What Is Unfair Dismissal In Employment Law?
09 June 2021
Under Australian law, employees may be protected against being unfairly dismissed from employment. U...
What are a Father’s Rights to see their child in a Child Custody Dispute?
30 April 2021
Divorce can be tricky for all parties involved. It’s also very confusing as a father in this proce...
Divorce and Private School Fees For Children
01 April 2021
Separating with children can make the process of coming to a financial settlement quite difficult. T...
Starting a New Role? Read our answers to common questions on Employment Contracts.
13 January 2021
What Employees should know about Employment Contracts When starting a new job there are many ques...
Advice on How To Find A Lawyer That Is Right For You.
19 December 2020
Finding a Lawyer   Whatever your legal need is people look for a lawyer who can provide the...
What should I do after I separate from my de facto partner?
09 December 2020
  De facto Separations For all intents and purposes a de facto relationship is treated the sa...
How to resolve a commercial lease dispute.
25 November 2020
  Commercial lease disputes can be costly and time-consuming for both landlords and tenants....
COVID-19: Alternative Ways to Resolve Family Law Disputes to Avoid Family Court Delays
10 November 2020
In a recent article the Chief Justice of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court has recently adm...
Do I need a will?
29 October 2020
We cover the issues you should think about if you are considering getting a will for the first time ...
Insolvency Reforms for Small Business Restructuring
13 October 2020
Proposed Government changes to insolvency laws for SME businesses. The Federal Government announc...
Covid-19: What Commercial Landlords Need to Know about Rent Relief.
10 September 2020
  There is much confusion out there about the rights, and the obligations of a commercial la...
Covid-19 Rent Relief for Commercial Tenants
26 August 2020
A Guide for Commercial Tenants There is much confusion out there about the rights of a commercial...
How often should I be updating my Will and Powers of Attorney?
24 July 2020
  A Will appoints an executor and directs how your estate is to be administered, after you p...
What is the Franchising Code of Conduct? 
09 July 2020
The Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes—Franchising) Regulation 2014 sets out the ‘Franch...
Conducting Due Diligence when buying a business (Australia) 
25 June 2020
  Buying a business, whether small or big, is a significant undertaking.  Generally, a lot o...
What happens when you declare bankruptcy?
12 June 2020
If you are experiencing issues paying your debts, you may be considering going bankrupt and should...
How does the division of assets work after separation or divorce?
29 May 2020
Dividing assets in the event of a separation or divorce can be a confusing and stressful experienc...
Company Insolvency in a Post-Coronavirus World
19 May 2020
Corporate insolvency has for the last 4 months received a considerable amount of media attention in ...
How do I negotiate with my Landlord during COVID-19? 
01 May 2020
Following the release of details on:  the basic test and the alternative test for...
COVID-19: Important updates regarding the JobKeeper Alternative Test
24 April 2020
Decline in Turnover Tests for JobKeeper Essentially, job keeper is linked to a decline in turnover,...
COVID-19: Updates to Legislation and JobKeeper for Businesses, Landlord & Tenants
16 April 2020
With the JobKeeper legislation released it is important for businesses to ensure that they understan...
COVID-19: Details of the National Cabinets’ Mandatory Commercial Tenancies Code
07 April 2020
The National Cabinet have finalised the Commercial Tenancies Code today and the Prime Minister has o...
Debt Collection in the Wake of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
02 April 2020
COVID-19 (coronavirus) has caused global disruption which is now being felt in every Australian busi...
COVID-19: How employers can deal with employees
31 March 2020
Working from Home, Stand Down, Redundancy and other options As a result of the economic disruption ...
COVID-19: Update for Landlords and Tenants
30 March 2020
Important update and factors to consider for tenants and landlords renegotiating lease payments and ...
Terms of Trade Retention of Title and PPSR
19 March 2020
Suppliers ensure your business is protected - Trading Terms, Retention of Title Clauses and the PPSA...
VCAA Applications & Appeals for VCE & VCAL Students
10 December 2019
Not all students will be celebrating when VCE & VCAL results are revealed, particularly those wh...
What Should Be Considered When Buying a Franchise?
15 April 2019
Making the Leap into a Franchise – Shouldn’t Be a Leap of Faith What Should Be Considered Whe...
What does a litigation lawyer do?
15 April 2019
Contrary to popular belief, the life of most litigation lawyers does not revolve around dramatic cou...
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