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Debt Recovery Lawyers Sydney

Debt Recovery in Sydney

Our Firm’s Practice Areas in Debt Recovery Include:


Want debts collected fast? Look no further.

We are experienced at collecting large debts and small from late payers or non-payers.

Examples of clients for who we act include:

  • Businesses who need help getting payment of customer/ client invoices
  • Those who are seeking recovery money under loan agreements
  • Body corporates seeking payment of outstanding fees
  • Those wanting to dispute a debt or a claim

Our Sydney recovery lawyers offer a streamlined approach to recovering outstanding money that incorporates the efficient use of the legal system. Our team uses specific and strategic methodology to quickly recover your money. Our aim is to put pressure on your debtors in order to have them pay quickly. We are results driven and will work hard to make sure that your debtors place their debt to you on the top of their “to pay” pile. We move against debtors decisively and firmly.

Contact us on 1300 907 335 to try out debt collection service. Our proactive approach produces excellent and timely results, so give us a call for a confidential chat. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Debt Recovery legal advice

The Debt Collection Process - A Proven Approach

We are a Sydney law firm, not a debt collection agency. This means that we can utilise the full force of the law to recover your debt. Our lawyers will follow our proven debt recovery process to proactively pursue your debt. Provided the debtor is solvent, if you are prepared to see the process through, you should expect a positive outcome.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Consultation – Initially, we will need to find out about the circumstances surrounding the debt. We will provide you with different options for proceeding depending on the amount and nature of the debt and the location of the debtor, if known.
  2. Letter of Demand – Next, we will issue a letter of demand to the debtor. This will be our first direct contact with the debtor. This letter will outline how much money is owed, when it is due and how it is payable. This is a necessary step prior to commencing any legal proceedings.
  3. Phone Contact – After sending the letter of demand, we may make phone contact with the debtor. The aim of making phone contact is to create a sense of urgency and encourage fast settlement of the debt. Having a law firm enrage with the debtor in this way will sometimes make the difference and get the matter resolved.
  4. Legal Proceedings – If we have not received a proper response or acceptable outcome from the letter of demand or phone contact, then legal process, usually legal proceedings, will begin. Our ultimate goal is to collect your debt in the simplest and most cost-effective manner possible. In some cases, suing the debtor may be necessary.
  5. Settlement of the debt or Judgment against the debtor – Our aim is to remove the burden of having to chase up your own debt. We will manage the debt collection process from the very beginning to the final settlement. We will use our unique method to encourage the debtor to pay their debt. Legal proceedings will result in a judgment in your favour. Often, debts go undefended and a default judgment is possible and an appearance by us is not necessary. Most of your legal costs will typically be recovered in the event of a judgment against the debtor.
  6. Enforcement of the Judgment – Enforcement is carried out through one of many means, including Creditor’s Statutory Demand of Payment of Debt, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Sale of Property or a Summons for Oral Examination.

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To discuss specifically how our debt recovery lawyers in Sydney can assist you in recovering your money, please contact us on 1300 907 335 or alternatively fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you quickly.

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Read Our Guide on Debt Recovery.

The guide is written by our debt collection and litigation lawyers and covers all aspects of debt recovery. We provide an overview for Sydney individuals and business owners who might be needing to recover outstanding debts.

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