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Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging time. Even amicable couples can experience a breakdown of communication making dealing with legal and financial paperwork difficult. When there are children involved this can become very emotive as you are dealing with their emotions as well as your own.

Our divorce lawyers at PCL Lawyers in Sydney understand just how important it is to have support and clarity in these matters. Not only does a clear path forward make the day-to-day easier it means you can make some future plans with some certainty.

We can guide clients through divorce process and help with any legal proceedings, making sure that the various factors you need to consider are fully explained. This includes custody and parental arrangements, among other things.

Our goal is to help out clients know what to expect, negotiate settlements to ensure the best possible outcomes in the fastest time.

Divorce Lawyers Sydney

A Three-Part Process

The divorce process includes three parts:

  • The formal termination of marriage
  • The resolution of any property matters
  • The resolution of any children’s matters

The Formal Termination of Marriage

To get a divorce in Australia, you need to apply to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. This part of the process is only concerned with terminating the marriage itself and doesn’t involve separating or dividing assets and children’s matters. Separating your property and finances is dealt with as property settlements and childrens’ matters are separate to getting a divorce. If you do have children a settlement must be in place before a court will grant a divorce.

Divorce Timeframes

You need to have been separated for 12 or more months if you want the court to grant a divorce. Additionally, if there are any children, appropriate arrangements need to be made to ensure their welfare. Our divorce lawyers in Sydney can help prepare, serve and submit divorce applications.

The Resolution of Property Matters

When you get a divorce, it’s important to remember that resolving issues related to finances and property is dealt with separately. Understandably, people usually want settlement to be resolved quickly so they can move on. However, this is difficult when parties disagree on how to divide their assets and debts.

A divorce lawyer can assist by facilitating negotiations and agreements. Both parties must enter into a binding financial agreement or consent orders. Failing that, court action may be needed to resolve the matter, which a lawyer can advise on with regards to financial entitlements and spousal maintenance.

The Resolution of Children’s Matters

Our family lawyers can help you resolve the following children’s matters:

  • Who the children live with most of the time
  • How much time a child spends with the other parent
  • How financial support will be provided
  • How education and health needs are to be met

A divorce often affects children, so it’s important to establish a plan that takes their needs into account. You may have a Parenting Plan in place and wish to obtain a court order to formalise your agreement. Court orders are sometimes necessary when one party may disregard the agreement you have in place. They can be consent orders or imposed by a Judge of the family court.

Lawyers can negotiate your agreement and draft it so that it is clear and enforceable. There are many considerations when making a Parenting Plan and different styles can be adopted depending on how agreeable and compliant parents are with the orders. Court orders outline important details such as how much time each parent spends with their child/ren, child support payments expenses, how decisions are made and more.

If one parent isn’t complying with a Parenting Plan seeking a court order may be necessary. Likewise, you if can’t agree and mediation and negotiations are unsuccessful a family lawyer will assist you. Mostly this is apparent during your divorce and your divorce lawyer will be able to discuss the legal options available to you.

Will My Financial Future be Affected?

Many clients going through a divorce ask how it will affect their financial future. How assets and debts are divided can have a significant impact on your finances, and it’s important to make sure you have quality legal representation.

Depending on your personal finances and circumstances will determine how assets and liabilities are divided. Not all settlements are 50/50. Our property settlement lawyers are experience in handling a range of cases and have particular expertise in representing clients with complex asset pools and business owners, including overseas assets. It is important if you have special considerations with you finances that you choose your family lawyer wisely as the cases are more complex and involve greater commercial knowledge and expertise, including international jurisdictions.

Our divorce lawyers in Sydney have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, which means you can trust us to negotiate, mediate and resolve issues on your behalf. We’re here to assist you in making more informed decisions and achieving the best possible outcome.

Domestic Violence

Often divorce cases can also involve domestic violence and AVO/Intervention Orders. Our lawyers can assist if you have been served with an Apprehended Violence Order or need to obtain on for you and/or your children or dependents.

Handling Each Case with Sensitivity

Divorce can be a stressful experience with lots of challenges. At PCL Lawyers, we have highly skilled divorce lawyers who are highly knowledgeable in various aspects of family law.

We are committed to representing our client’s matters, handling each one with sensitivity and empathy. You can trust that proper care and diligence is taken throughout the process. We also have commercial expertise that allows us to handle businesses and complex asset pools.

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PCL Lawyers is a law firm in Sydney and Melbourne and our divorce lawyers are known for their considerable knowledge, skills and experience. We advocate for our client with vigour, respect and care.

If you are considering separating from your spouse we can assist and provide you advice that is based on current legal processes and outcomes. If your partner is proposing divorce and you haven’t had time to consider this ahead of time we can provide assistance and practical and legal advice on your options. If you haven’t initiated the divorce you can feel overwhelmed and getting clarity on family law matters will help you through this time.

Divorces can be delicate situations with unique factors and circumstances involved. We have exceptional legal expertise and practical experience and work hard to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients on a range of legal issues.

Call us on 1300 907 335 or enquire online to organise a discussion with our divorce lawyers in Sydney.

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