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Experienced Family Lawyers in Sydney

Are you looking for a reliable family law firm that can handle your family law matter with professionalism, skill that can provide you with expert guidance?

At PCL Lawyers we help people with a wide range of family law issues relating to dividing property and to children. We have several experienced family lawyers, depending upon the issues.

We also can assist with family law matters that require expert knowledge about international children’s matters and overseas assets and businesses in property settlements.

We help clients at all stages of their family law matter. For some clients a separation or divorce is a considered process over months or years, whilst for others it can come as a surprise. Whatever your circumstances, we can help provide the relevant advice and guidance to what is appropriate to your situation.

Recent procedural changes to the Federal Circuit and Family Law Court of Australia FCFCOA or Family Court has fundamentally changed the way family law is practised. The Family Court has imposed a greater onus on the parties to settle their matters out of court. This means you need a family lawyer who can negotiate settlements between the parties successfully as well as skilfully navigating the legal obligations and documentation. In other words, while being touch about the legal issues and holding your position, finesse is required to try to work a solution. If an early settlement can be achieved, and we are skilled and negotiating them, this will save you a lot in legal fees.

Whatever the scenario, you can be assured that our team of family lawyers will listen to you and work at negotiating the best outcomes possible for you.

Sydney family lawyers

When should I speak to a family lawyer?

Whether you are just exploring your options or need to take urgent steps our family lawyers provide reliable and sound legal advice so you can make educated decisions. Every family law matter is unique and requires a personalised approach. As such it is easy to be misinformed or overwhelmed with a variety of online resources and well-meaning opinions from friends and family. It can save time and uncertainty to speak to a family lawyer earlier rather than later.

Our family lawyers understand the legal avenues and recourse available to clients in all aspects of their family law matters. We can cut through the noise and assess your circumstances and offer clear and expert guidance quickly. We can give you a clear guidance of the different potential timeframes and costs associated with your mater.

We listen to our clients and seek to understand their situation so they can make the most informed decisions about these important issues. Where urgent action is required our team of family lawyers are capable and experienced in seeking urgent family court orders or injunctions as required.

Our family lawyers can assist whether you require assistance with divorce, de facto relationships, binding financial agreements (BFAs or prenups) property settlement, parenting plans, child custody or parenting arrangements, AVOs, grandparents and significant others’ rights, child and spousal maintenance, family law courts and more. To get clarity on your matter we invite you to call and speak to one of our family lawyers today.

Why choose PCL Lawyers for your family lawyers?

At PCL, we strive to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to help you move on with your life. Clients in family law disputes often have a great deal of uncertainty about their financial and family dynamics and seek certainty to move on with their life. We help clients through this time of change in their life and ensure that their interests are protected throughout. Our family law advice is relevant and extensive including what you can do to improve your chances of a better legal outcome.

We look for ways to help clients to resolve their family law matters and to avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings. Our family lawyers are skilled in mediation and negotiation techniques and have a reliable credentials in successfully resolving family law disputes before reaching court. If litigation is inevitable, and often it is just due to the inaction or unreasonableness of the other party, we are well experienced in all type of litigation and all stages, including complex trail litigation.

Expertise in Complex property settlements

Our law firm is also proficient in commercial negotiation in legal matters to draw upon as required. Our strong negotiation skills will help you when the pressure is on. We keep a cool head, think through the issues carefully and fight hard on your behalf. Complex property settlements require a high degree of technical skills and we are fully aware that the stakes are high. Whether the assets are in Australia, and whether they are including trusts or businesses and the like, we know what to do. Our senior lawyers in dealing international jurisdictions, overseas assets and when a parent takes the children overseas. We aim to impress by providing a very high standard of legal advice while at the same time remaining sensible and practical, and having regard to your goals.

Speak to a family lawyer today to see how we can assist you on 1300 907 335 or complete an online form and we will respond promptly.

Providing clients with the best possible service and advice.

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You want to know that you are getting advice and real solutions. You not only want a lawyer who has strong experience and knowledge in legal matters, but a lawyer who can also navigate you through the commercial realities.

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