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We assist both company directors and shareholders in providing advice, negotiation, drafting of Shareholders Agreements.

If you’re setting up a company with multiple shareholders in Queensland, you will undoubtedly require a shareholder’s agreement. Having a tailored Shareholders Agreement is a necessity for a company when there is more than one shareholder.

Shareholder Agreements need to consider a range of issues that could arise in the business. From defining the class of shares, rights of shareholders, obligations of shareholders to what happens when a shareholder sells their shares. It requires knowledge of the Corporations Act 2001 and corporate governance to ensure the shareholders agreement is effective.

Our team of experienced commercial lawyers can help you craft a shareholder agreement that caters specifically to your company’s needs.

We understand the legal compliance and complexities of the Corporations Act and how shareholders operate in reality and the issues that arise. Having a shareholders agreement tailored will require some analysis of what rights the shareholders to have and the different types of shares they will have. Other issues such as share buybacks and voting rights require careful consideration to avoid issues in the future.

Aside from shareholders agreements we can also investigate whether amending the company’s constitution or replaceable rules may be a better option.

Shareholder agreement lawyer sydney

Understanding Shareholders Agreements

A Shareholders Agreement is a key legal document. It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of shareholders of a company, ensures smooth operation, reduces conflict potential. When properly drafted if can attract new investors and will give them confidence in the security of their investment.

Our Sydney shareholder agreement lawyer’s will help ensure that your business will be on the path to stability and efficiency. We know from experience proper documentation pre-empting and avoiding shareholder disputes is key to maintaining stability in your organisation.

Key Elements of a Shareholder Agreement

Your tailored Shareholder Agreement will cover areas such as:

  • The business’s nature and objectives
  • How decisions will be made
  • When shares can be issued or sold and share buy backs
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • How profits will be distributed
  • Rules around share valuation
  • Non-compete clauses for outgoing shareholders

Each business is unique, and your Shareholders Agreement should be crafted to ensure it reflects the business. Our commercial lawyers will guide you through this legal process, ensuring that your agreement caters to the immediate needs of the business and encapsulates the future needs and considerations for the business to operate at it’s optimum.

Why Choose a Sydney Lawyer for Your Shareholders Agreement?

Whether you are seeking a simple shareholders agreement or have a more complex structure we can provide you with the right legal guidance. Our commercial lawyers have extensive experience in drafting a range of documents and agreements for corporations and businesses.

We also have extensive experience in litigating and resolving shareholder disputes and understand the legal issues encountered by shareholders, directors and boards from all aspects.

Our lawyers can advise you quickly about the options you have available and ensure that the agreement you and your shareholders are entering is well drafted and provides clarity for all parties. It is important to ensure that you seek quality professional advice from lawyers who understand the commercial aspects of business.

Shareholders Agreements can be a legally complex documents, but they’re essential and need proper consideration to be effective. Tailoring documents to suit your requirements means that the advice you get will suit your circumstances and not be overly cumbersome or difficult to navigate if you are seeking a nimble approach. Alternatively, you may require a more robust shareholders agreement for your purposes. Either way, we can provide you with the options fit for your company.

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