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Terms of Trade in Sydney

Terms of trade outline the terms and conditions by which you sell your goods or services to your clients, and also outline the conditions upon your business buying goods and services from suppliers.

No matter the size of your business, it will benefit from having good, watertight terms of trade.

Sydney terms of trade lawyers

When you are the Seller

If you sell goods or services in Sydney, then it is important that you have particular conditions upon which you trade. There are some protections outlined in Australian legislation such as the Australian Consumer Law, but this does not cover many matters.

By setting out the terms and conditions to your buyers, you can protect your business against issues such as late payment and cancellation. In 2009, the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) was introduced. This permits you to retain title to particular items, as you are the supplier. However, in order for the PPSA to benefit you, it must be incorporated into your terms of trade.

If you are trading with a business that is larger than yours, they may have their own terms of trade. This can be risky to the seller as it usually puts a greater responsibility on the seller to deliver at a certain time and goods of a certain quality. It may also ease the payment terms for the buyer. It is important to review any terms of trade which you are given from any business you deal with to ensure that your interests are still covered. This can be done with the help of our Sydney lawyers who have expertise in terms of trade.

When you are the Buyer

If you are the buyer, then it is still vital to have terms of trade. Your terms will include clauses that address the quality of the good or service provided. You can also include timer restraints to ensure that your goods or services are delivered on time.

If you have received the seller’s terms of trade, then you can review these. If there are terms, which are too onerous or impossible for you to abide by, you can negotiate with the supplier. The key to good negotiation is to know exactly what you want changed and how to ask for it.

How can we help?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, terms of trade are integral to your business. You should not use a template document because every business differs and hence every set of terms of trade will also differ. The terms of trade lawyers at PCL Lawyers in Sydney can assist you with the drafting, negotiating and reviewing of terms of trade.

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