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VCAA Applications & Appeals for VCE & VCAL Students

10 Dec 2019

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10 Dec 2019

Not all students will be celebrating when VCE & VCAL results are revealed, particularly those who have not been at their best during the year or around critical assessment periods. Students whose results have been impacted significantly may be eligible to apply for seek special disspensation from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

If you need to apply for special consideration or appeal a decision from VCAA we are experienced education lawyers and handle disputes and issues for students, parents and education facilities and can help you in dealing with VCAA.

Special consideration is typically an allowance given to students to compensate them for their adverse circumstances. You are able to also apply for special consideration ahead of time or when an issue arises.

We can provide advice and/or draft and lodge an appeal on the student’s behalf in relation such matters as:

  • a Derived Examination Score
  • appealing a statement of results as a consequence of personal trauma or an injury around exam time or another assessment period

special provision on the basis of:

  1. an acute or chronic illness (physical or psychological)
  2. factors relating to personal circumstance
  3. an impairment or disability, including learning disorder
  4. long absences from school.

If you are a VCE or VCAL student or parent and are considering making an application to appeal results or are otherwise unsatisfied with a VCAA outcome and need advice in relation to your or your child’s eligibility for special treatment. We can assist in drafting your application or to appeal a decision to, or from, VCAA.

We can guide you through the process and give your application the best chance of success.

If you would like further advice about your options with a special consideration application or decision appeal contact PCL Lawyers on 1300 907 335.

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